Utilizing the Power of Executive Assistants in Business

Executive assistants can be a major force in achieving business objectives. Examine how they can take on complex tasks, allowing executives to concentrate on crucial strategic objectives. Read 8 Figure Firm’s blog to discover how harnessing the power of executive assistants can elevate your business to new heights of productivity and efficiency.

The Role of Executive Assistants 

Executive assistants are indispensable for the success of law firm owners and their respective companies. The main role of executive assistants is to enable the executive to be more effective than if they were working independently. 

An executive assistant helps the executive for whom they work with tasks such as:

  • Scheduling, reviewing, prioritizing, and responding to emails
  • Answering and returning phone calls
  • Organizing documents
  • Maintaining records
  • Taking notes at meetings
  • Ensure that meetings start on time and that all the necessary preparatory material is provided beforehand
  • Optimize travel schedules and empower remote decision-making to help ensure projects are completed on time
  • Any other administrative tasks that help the executive perform their job

How to Utilize the Power of Executive Assistants

Establishing a successful relationship between an executive and their assistant benefits both parties and the business. When both sides work well together, the company can reap the rewards. Here are some ways in which you can utilize the power of executive assistants

Help with Background Information

The better your assistant’s understanding and context of a situation, the more customized and accurate the solutions they can provide.

To ensure your assistant is working optimally, you should give them access to internal processes to better understand the business operations. Establishing a solid foundation for your assistant is essential to maximize their potential.

Involve your executive assistants in high-level discussions for added clarity on how to work and navigate the firm. This will help them gain a better understanding of their role in the company.

By observing you in action, and gaining insights into your approach and thought processes when interacting with core team members and key decision-makers, your assistant can learn to mirror your behavior as a leader.

Provide Assistants for Up-and-Coming Managers

Experienced assistants can be a great asset for new managers. They can provide crucial assistance with onboarding and help the manager to:

  • Help to familiarize themselves with the organizational culture for successful integration.
  • Assist them in navigating the various personalities of staff members
  • Serve as a sounding board during the crucial acclimation

Administrative assistants are more than mere assets to increase productivity; they also serve as reverse mentors, teaching new executives about the expected behavior in the organization at that specific level.

Give Them Supervisory Roles

Executive assistants are becoming more versatile and taking up supervision responsibilities in various departments. For this reason, executives should demonstrate to their team that they trust their assistants and grant them the necessary authority to fulfill their roles, this will ensure that assistants are empowered in decision-making.

Executive assistants can help fulfill this role through several means, such as:

  • Listen in on executives’ phone calls so that they can ensure effective tracking and completion of action items
  • Manage the information flow
  • Master basic financial management
  • Attend meetings

Managers need to view executive assistants as valuable assets and realize their job involves leveraging the relationship for maximum benefit.

An exemplary executive assistant can manage teams, lead meetings, and ultimately serve as a sounding board for executives before they make decisions.

Encourage Them to Improve Their Skills

There are several benefits to investing in your employees, and executive assistants should not be an exception. 

Executives should encourage executive assistants to enhance their skills in professional development areas such as law, marketing, leadership, etc., which could be done through classes or seminars. 

Additionally, assistants can greatly benefit from sharpening their presentation skills, familiarizing themselves with the latest trends and technologies, as well as learning new languages.

Gaining more knowledge through the aid of these tools can be extremely beneficial for them to improve their job performance.

How to Hire the Right Executive Assistant

When hiring executive assistants, some important qualities to look for include:

  • Individuals who are conscious of time management, stay productive and finish assignments right away. These people should establish effective workflows and set clear boundaries.
  • People who can read non-verbal cues and recognize the characteristics of their colleagues. Individuals who possess strong emotional intelligence can detect subtle cues and can adjust their responses accordingly to fit the situation.
  • People who can identify subtle changes in an executive’s attitude and behavior, combined with good timing and judgment. Someone who possesses the ability to quickly adjust and comprehend the needs, strengths, weaknesses, triggers, and personal style of their boss. 
  • Someone who can communicate with senior management, business partners, and VIP clients professionally. Knowledge of grammar, writing conventions, and the right tone of voice should all be considered as necessary skills.

By recognizing and utilizing the immense power of executive assistants, businesses can optimize productivity, enhance leadership effectiveness, and unlock new levels of success in an increasingly complex and demanding corporate landscape.

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