After spending years searching for the perfect law firm consulting program, Luis Scott identified a crucial gap in the market – the absence of a law firm consultant with genuine hands-on experience. It became apparent that nearly every existing program was owned and promoted by individuals who were either non-attorneys, had no prior experience as attorneys, or were attorneys whose expertise dated back many years. Furthermore, a significant number of these programs lacked development by individuals who had practical experience in implementing the strategies they were teaching.

Recognizing this void, Luis Scott set out to address the issue. His passion for teaching led him to create a program that would provide law firm owners with genuine, real-life consulting expertise to scale their businesses to 8 figures and beyond.

In just 18 months, utilizing the methodologies outlined in his book, “The 8 Figure Law Firm,” Luis Scott’s program successfully assisted numerous firms in generating 7-figure revenues, with many achieving a doubling of their income in less than a year. Remarkably, during this process, 8 Figure Firm Consulting transformed into a multi 7-figure company in under 12 months.



Valeria, a seasoned legal professional with over 12 years of experience, holds majors in Communications and Business Law. Her expertise spans diverse legal domains, including Workers’ Compensation, Personal Injury, Criminal, and Immigration Law.

Recognized for her exceptional contributions, Valeria has received various awards from honors programs and universities, solidifying her position as a top leader within the organization.

In her current role as the Director of Operations and Business Portfolio Consultant for an 8-figure firm, Valeria channels her legal background to offer cutting-edge operations management solutions to law entrepreneurs nationwide.

Specializing in streamlining operations and fortifying business portfolios. Valeria’s strategic, detail-oriented, and motivated approach plays a pivotal role in fostering new perspectives, creating strategic opportunities, and effectively managing projects aimed at enhancing the growth of these prominent firms.

Valeria Torres holds a master’s degree in Industrial-Organizational Psychology, Kolbe consultant certification to provide Leaders and businesses across the world human optimization. She is a recipient of the business Elite 40 under 40 award.



Stephanie Castro is a highly experienced law firm consultant, with more than 16 years of experience in business operations.

At 8 Figure Firm, Stephanie is committed to helping law firm owners achieve predictable revenue of eight figures a year. Her approach to achieving this goal involves working closely with clients to streamline operations, fortify leadership teams, and cultivate a client-centric culture.

Stephanie recognizes that intentionality combined with a strong focus on implementation is the driving force behind reaching 8 figures. Stephanie’s vast experience and expertise make her an asset to 8 Figure Firm and their clients.

Her passion for helping organizations achieve their goals and deliver exceptional service to their clients is apparent in her work, and she is committed to delivering outstanding results for everyone she works with.



Brandon Novak is a highly experienced marketing & sales leader with 13 years of experience in both industries.

With a background stemming from aviation consulting where he spent the majority of his early career facilitating deals between the nations top airlines and airline vendors, he was able to close $38M worth of deals in his career as an aviation consultant.

At 8 Figure Firm, Brandon is the Director of Business Development and is committed to accelerating the improvement of our clients and customer experiences to offer the best service in the industry.

His passion for marketing stems from the stellar branding campaigns of today’s market dominators and the fascination with client/brand relationships, uniquely suited in the loyalties one has to a specific brand, product or service.

He is driven to provide the best in-class service to clients and prospects in all areas of work and is committed to fostering meaningful relationships to make a positive impact on our 8 Figure Firm Community.



Will is an experienced professional with ten years of education and experience in diverse backgrounds. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies, a Master of Business Administration, and a Master of Arts in International Management and Intercultural Communication from various universities. His expertise focuses on business process improvement, data & economic analysis, and strategic implementation.

He has developed systems and large-scale initiatives that have created over half a billion dollars in additional profit and competitive success during periods of substantial industry disruption and uncertainty. He also has extensive experience in organizational optimization, coaching, and business planning, focused on holistic business health and long-term growth.

As a new consultant at 8 Figure Firm, Will looks forward to bringing his experience and versatility to bear in creating actionable, value-driving solutions for legal businesses across the US. He currently resides in NE Florida with a growing collection of vintage cars, where he occasionally works as a private chef, enjoys nature photography, armchair geopolitics, and macroeconomics.