Building a business is hard.
YOU don't have to do it alone.

Building a business is hard. You don't have to do it alone.

Our Vision

Our goal is to become the leading authority in law firm building.

We Don't Just Teach it. We've Done It.

We are a consulting firm like no other in the United States. Many law firm consulting groups are non-lawyers trying to help people grow their businesses in ways they have never done themselves. Because 8 Figure Firm was founded by two partners who developed a law firm to $30,000,000 in a very short period, 8 Figure Firm has provided law firm consulting services and insider knowledge to law firms around the country by focusing on marketing, operations, and leadership.

“Speed of growth is tied to speed of implementation”

– Luis Scott


To help 100 law firms reach 8 figures in predictable yearly revenue.

Whether you are a new attorney just starting or a seasoned professional, you can benefit from our one-to-one law firm consulting services. We strive to help our clients grow their legal businesses into leading firms in their areas of expertise.

Involving yourself in a like-minded group of driven entrepreneurs is essential for turning your law firm into a law business. We can help you build community while helping you build your firm to eight figures and beyond.

Are you a lawyer with a well-established firm? Maybe you’re fresh out of law school and just starting your practice? No matter where you are in your legal career, 8 Figure Firm can help your practice grow. 

Are you struggling to come up with new ideas for your law firm? If so, you are not alone. It can be easy to run out of ideas when you have many other things to worry about. Our quarterly Mastermind Experience is crucial for giving you new ideas!

Core Values



At the Core of 8 Figure Firm is the belief that we are all created to add value to the world.  Because of this faith, we have confidence in our abilities to impact the world positively and the belief in our teams to execute at a high level.



The more you give, the more you receive.  We believe in hiring generous staff and delivering content generously.  The ultimate goal is to leave the world, and our clients, better than we found them.


Courage to Lead

It takes courage to run a law business. With so much uncertainty in our world, developing and maintaining a thriving business requires you to step out of the comfort zone of financial certainty and into a world where nothing is guaranteed. We strive every day to help our clients develop the courage to make the decisions they need to make for their law business, execute the right organizational plan, pull the trigger on the proper marketing, and hire talented and experienced employees that can radically change the law firm


A Life of Signifigance

Our focus in building law businesses is on creating a significant impact in the communities in which law firms serve. We are dedicated to helping each law firm owner develop an impact in their specific community by focusing on the quality of representation, customer service, responsiveness to clients and staff, and consistency


Urgency in Execution

Leading an organization that grows fast and scales to an eightfigure business requires that law firm owners work with a sense of urgency. Urgency in executing operational decisions, urgency in moving on marketing ideas, and urgency in representing the clients they serve. Clients expect that cases are resolved expeditiously, and therefore urgency is a prevailing anthem in the 8 Figure Firm organization. We help law firm owners develop this sense of urgency in their teams so that more can get done and get done quickly.


Clarity of Thought

We are a solutionsoriented team that focuses on the five pillars of culture: Vision, Mission, Goals, Consistency and Clarity. Through these pillars we effectively help law firm owners grow and scale their businesses in a calculated way. We help them become clear on vision, mission and values, setting up the business plan and budget, and executing with clarity. This clarity will provide peace of mind and trust throughout the process. 

Core Business Activities



Mastermind Experience

Content The Legal
World Has Never Seen

Core Topics

  • Casting a Clear Vision
  • Develop a Compelling Mission Statement
  • Establishing Your Core Values
  • Setting Your Service Standards
  • Effective Marketing Tactics for the 21st Century
  • The Power of Effective Branding
  • Building a Powerhouse Team
  • Developing Policies, Procedures, and Operations that Work
  • Planning for LongTerm Growth

Our headquarters are located in Atlanta, Georgia. Our office is spacious, bright, modern, and comfortable for guests and team members. When clients walk into our office, they see success. They also see hard-working staff able to sit and relax in private lounges throughout the office. Clients are treated to the highest level of success in excellence as they walk through our business, seeing the growth and development of our teams.

Are You Ready
To Become An 8 Figure Firm?