Retain Clients by Building a Better Client Journey

Retain Clients by Building a Customer Journey

There are a few ways to bring clients to your law firm, but once you get those clients, you have to ensure that they remain with you throughout their case. A customer journey is the best way to build an 8 Figure Firm. You have to develop a customer journey to retain your clients.

What is a Customer Journey?

A customer journey is every interaction that a client has with your law firm, from the moment they first call to when their case is over. Every client that interacts with your law firm is on a journey, and you have to consider what that journey looks like. 

The journey betters the client experience by providing intentional interaction, proactive communication, and optimized connection.

Intentional Interaction

To create a good customer journey, you need to be intentional in how your law firm interacts with clients. Being intentional with your clients will look different depending on your firm, but it should contain a clear plan with a specific focus and goal.

An intentional journey allows you to take action on what’s important to you. If satisfying your clients is at the forefront of your mind, your customer journey will reflect that. Showing that care will lead to clients sticking with you throughout their case and referring you to others. 

Intention is not something you can chart since it’s more of a way of thinking. To foster the interactions that will grow your firm, you must work with your team to create a client-first mindset. Once you implement that mindset, you will find you’re more likely to retain clients.

Proactive Communication

When you proactively communicate with clients, you can better understand the experience that they’re having. For example, if a client is unhappy, you’re able to catch the problem at the forefront instead of learning about it after the case is closed.

Communicating with your clients throughout their journey allows them to share what’s working and what isn’t. You’re also able to ask for reviews, which is a huge benefit to growing your law firm.

Additionally, people tend to view proactive communication more positively than reactive communication. Reaching out to clients multiple times throughout the case makes them feel cared for, and if there were to be a mistake, they’re much more likely to forgive you.   

Optimized Connection

Connecting with clients is huge, and it is part of why a customer journey works so well. When you are intentional and proactive with your clients, you optimize how your business functions.

Identifying the different touchpoints in a case allows you to dissect how the business runs. As a law firm, clients are essential, and if your law firm is not optimized for clients, you may find yourself experiencing lead bleed. It’s simple; by optimizing your processes, you retain clients. 

To optimize your connection, you will need to experiment with your intake team and track the process by which a lead becomes a client. You can try a few things to get a feel for how the process works. 

Build a Customer Journey to Retain Clients

Growing a law firm isn’t simple, but it is possible by building a customer journey. When you are intentional with your interactions, proactive with your communication, and after you’ve optimized how you connect, you’ll find that you’re better able to retain clients.

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