Increase Connections with Digital Marketing

How Digital Marketing Increases Connections with Your Clients

You form personal connections with potential, current, and former clients when you market your law firm. This connection creates ties between your firm and your client and fosters an ongoing relationship. To best understand what your clients need and want, you have to connect with them. Clients are more inclined to trust you to meet their needs when you have that connection. Let’s talk about why connection works and how to implement it.

Why does connection work?

Connecting with clients works for a few reasons. People want to interact with actual human beings, especially when shopping for attorneys. Even though automation has come a long way, it is not enough to rely only on that form of communication. Not only is a genuine human connection more valuable to clients, but it allows your employees to use their intuition to understand the client’s needs and goals. When they know they can get an honest reply through a direct message or email, they are more likely to stay with your law firm whenever they need legal assistance.

Organic vs. Paid

When you connect with your audience, it’s helpful to do so in an organic way. Organic interactions occur when people are naturally attracted to your online platforms without being targeted by an ad. As beneficial as ads are for reaching a broad audience, they don’t do as well to foster connections online. So instead of paying for ads to try and drum up more connections online, try to go the organic route. 

Some examples of this could include writing blogs, posting on Facebook, or uploading TikToks. These platforms will allow you to effectively communicate your message naturally while also allowing clients more opportunities to engage with you. Remember, people want to interact with people – not robots. To see what natural connections look like online, let’s have a look at the Wendy’s Twitter account.

Wendy’s Twitter account allows for organic connection in a way that appeals to its audience. In these three screenshots, you can see that their engagement is high for a corporate account. While you can look at the comments, retweets, and likes to see the effect of organic marketing, you can also look at how Wendy’s is engaging with other businesses and consumers.

In the second image, you can see Wendy’s reply to the McDonald’s account and a different Twitter user. They also provide avenues for other connections, like polls and links. In addition to the content they’re posting, you can also see that they regularly interact with their followers.

Their account is an excellent example of connection regarding the frequency of posts, varied modes of communication, and interaction within a community. The tone might not be relevant for a law firm, but it is still helpful to see what works with other corporate accounts.

Implementing Online Connection

When it comes to marketing online, you may have to do some trial and error to find the platforms that work best for you. While Twitter is a good platform for Wendy’s and some other companies, you may find that it is not the best fit for your law firm. In an ideal situation, your law firm would be able to post consistently and frequently on all social media platforms, with varied types of posts. However, you may find that it is better to pick one or two platforms that succeed and spend your time and money there. 

Connection is a vital part of how marketing helps your law firm grow. When you allow for more opportunities to interact and engage with your audience, you will find that your clients have more trust and loyalty in your law firm. Using online marketing to connect with people will allow you to bring in more clients that are ready to work with you. 

The importance of connection and the effect that marketing has on connection cannot be understated. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us here at 8 Figure Firm. We offer marketing and consulting services to help you grow your firm.

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