How to Master Internal Communication

Communication is vital for growing your business. To scale to eight figures in predictable yearly revenue, you need to foster internal and external messaging. But why? And how do you improve it? Read on to see 8 Figure Firm’s tips on internal communication.

Why Your Messaging is Important

Human interaction revolves around communicating your values. We can convince, understand, and trust each other through how we communicate. We’ve talked before about how it attracts clients. But what about in your firm?

To experience rapid growth in your law firm, you need to share information about the company. When you inform your employees about your firm’s mission, vision, and values, they can better succeed at their jobs.

A steady flow of information throughout departments will keep everyone aligned and guarantee that you are all working toward the same goal. While an external messaging strategy is vital to growing your firm, you also need a plan to handle how information flows throughout your firm.

You Need an Internal Messaging Strategy

While you work on your external marketing plans, you should also create internal communication strategies. There are several reasons why a process is essential, including improving company morale, investing in your employees, and refining business practices.

To create an effective strategy, you have to look at every aspect of your firm. Evaluate your communication style and how information travels throughout different departments. To improve your messaging, you have to know what the baseline is.

Once you have your baseline, you can implement some of the ideas below. However, you may find that certain things work for your firm while others do not. Each firm is unique, and what works for your fellow law firm owner may not work for you.

internal communication

Ideas to Implement 

There are several different tactics you can take when improving your firm’s internal communication. Think about your firm, and consider the strengths and weaknesses that each idea may bring to your firm. Let’s get into some different ideas you can implement.

Talk with Your Staff

While it may seem unnecessary to hold meetings with the entire staff, you may find that your employees have good ideas for improving the firm. Hold consistent meetings, and invite your team to share their thoughts about how the firm runs and how it could potentially improve.

Give Access to Important Information

Having a system where employees can find information will improve the internal communication of your firm. Give them access to not only their HR and employment information but to meeting minutes, plans, and anything else that would keep teams aligned.

Open the Door

Many people in management positions say that they have an “open door” policy, but few follow through. Create a true open-door policy by genuinely listening to your staff and being open to suggestions. Employees that feel cared for are more likely to go above and beyond.

 Keep Up with Your Staff

While the above ideas are geared towards the business side of improving your messaging, you can also improve your communication by keeping up with your staff’s personal lives. Celebrate their victories, join Slack channels, and talk about their lives outside of work.

Keep Everyone Informed

Newsletters are not relics of the past. Implementing a newsletter that you write and send out to your staff will keep everyone updated about the firm’s direction and give you the chance to announce birthdays, celebrate successes, and reveal events.

Reinvent Your Messaging

To scale your firm to eight figures in predictable revenue, you must improve your internal communication. When your employees know the firm’s goals and are comfortable communicating with you, you will see an increase in productivity.

If you’re ready to reinvent your law firm’s messaging, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at 8 Figure Firm. We offer the ONE.Program, meant to help your firm scale by coaching you through your journey. We’re also hosting a Mastermind in May to discuss the importance of operations.

We’ll help you turn your law firm into a law business.