Why Welcome Kits are Important

Welcome kits are one of the best ways to welcome new clients into your practice, and they can also help you strengthen existing client relationships. Investing in welcome kits is always a good idea because they form an important part of your client journey. Read 8 Figure Firm’s blog to find out more.

What are Welcome Kits?

A welcome kit is a small gift that you send to new clients to welcome them and introduce them to your business. Welcome kits can take many forms, but they always include some sort of physical gift that the client can use immediately. It could be as simple as a t-shirt or mug with your company logo on it, or something more elaborate like an ebook or video series explaining how best to use the product or service you sell.

The exact contents of these kits will depend on what kind of business you run, but there are some common themes you’ll see over and over again: pens, notepads, and branded items like mugs, or stress balls.

Why are they important? 

Welcome kits are important for several reasons. Let’s explore how they can add value to your business.

Elevate your client journey

Welcome kits are a great way to help your clients with their journey in the sales funnel and this will elevate your client journey. Brand-new client relationships can be bumpy and welcome kits can smooth out the bumps. Your welcome kit should contain one thing that helps them do business with you, refer others and stay in touch. They should be able to share your brand with others through social media and word-of-mouth marketing.

Welcome kits are a great way to make new clients feel appreciated and valued. Give your clients one thing that will help them with every step of their journey with you. The goal of every welcome kit should be to make it easy for customers to do business with you and refer you to others. This means creating an experience that can be shared across all channels, online and offline.

Improve existing client relationships

Showing your existing clients your appreciation is always recommended. Welcome kits are a great way to remind your existing clients why they chose you in the first place. When you’re putting together your kit, look for items that are relevant to your clients’ needs.

Welcome kits are also an opportunity for you to demonstrate how much you care about your client’s experience with your brand by giving them something that will help them with every step of their journey through life with you as their supplier or service provider.

Increase brand awareness

As you’re putting together your welcome kit, think about what message you want the gift to send about your business. Welcome kits are a great way to create brand awareness. Include contact information on some of your items in case people want to share your kit with family and friends. When clients share items of the kit you sent them, they indirectly refer your business to new prospects so pick your items wisely. 

The items in your kit must be useful, not just pretty. A client who uses their new mug every day is going to feel much more valued than one who gets a pack of mints with your logo on it. Offer a gift your clients can use again and again so that you always cross their minds.

What to Include in a Welcome Kit

There are a variety of items that you can include in your welcome kit. Below are some suggestions on what you can include in your kit. Remember to have your company’s logo printed onto the material that you’re sending out.

  • A welcome letter
  • A mug with the client’s name
  • Branded pen
  • Branded water bottle


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When you’re building your client relationships, it’s important to remember that the first impressions you make are crucial. Even if you have an amazing product or service, it can be hard to attract new clients if they don’t feel welcome when they come into contact with your brand for the first time. 

Speak to the Experts

Welcome kits can help smooth out those bumps by providing new contacts with something special to show they were appreciated on their journey with your company. If nothing else, these packages will remind clients why they chose to work with you in the first place!

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