Why You Need Client Success

Your clients come to you with a specific need, and as attorneys, it is our job to ensure that we are successful in meeting that need. But what about clients? How do we ensure their success? Read 8 Figure Firm’s blog to learn more about why you need client success.

What is Client Success?

Client success is all about anticipating and meeting client needs, as well as ensuring that they are successful in navigating their journey with your firm. It’s crucial to understand that people now want to feel success not only in their case, but in their interactions with you.

Client success and client support seem similar, but they actually focus on different parts of your client’s journey. Focusing on their success involves error prevention as opposed to fixing it after the fact. Troubleshooting beforehand allows you to put the focus back on your clients.

When you focus on client success, you’re incentivizing clients to stick with your firm for the long-term. It is getting harder and harder to acquire new clients, which makes it so much more important to focus on retaining the clients you already have

The Different Types of Client Success

There are many different ways that you can begin anticipating the needs of your clients, including onboarding, monitoring client interactions, and maintaining communication.


Onboarding is the first interaction that clients have with your firm, and it’s one of the biggest places that you can begin working on client success. Focus on the first interactions that clients have, and begin to implement strategies that can improve it.

Monitoring Client Interactions

Your clients will expect a certain level of service standards, and it’s crucial to ensure that your staff is meeting that expectation. Improving client success in this area looks like implementing communication standards and monitoring the way clients interact with your staff.

Maintaining Communication

Going through the legal process is stressful, even more so when left in the dark. Part of client success is making sure that your employees are going above and beyond in communicating with your clients.

How to Implement Client Success Strategies

Now that we’ve talked about how important client success is to the growth of your law firm, let’s discuss how to implement strategies that will help.

Make Success a Goal

The best way to start focusing on improving your client success is to make it a goal on an organizational level. Emphasize the importance of success, set a specific goal, and make sure that every staff member is working towards reaching that goal.

Emphasize Success Early

Many of us are now running our own law firms with their own cultures, but it’s never too late to start emphasizing client success in your firm. Get everyone involved in the process and create a mission statement that emphasizes client success.

Understand Success

Client success will look different for every single firm in every practice area – so it’s critical that you find out what success means to you specifically. Is it getting compensation for an injury, or becoming a citizen? Listen and understand your clients to best understand what their success looks like.

Be Proactive

It’s crucial to start focusing on solving potential problems before clients encounter them. Be proactive in the way that clients interact with your firm – a good way to do this is to implement a client journey.

Use Key Performance Indicators

To best understand how your strategies are affecting your clients, you should choose some key performance indicators that will give you the data you need. Client satisfaction, client retention rate and cost, and the rate of repeat clients are all good places to start.

Speak to an Expert

It’s crucial to start focusing on client success, especially since it is getting harder to onboard new clients. If you’re unsure of how to start focusing on success or you need more help, contact us here at 8 Figure Firm today. 

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