The Software You Need for a Successful Firm

In the digital age, it’s crucial to use technology to help you reach your goals. However, with so many options available, it can be challenging to choose. Read 8 Figure Firm’s blog to learn about the software you need.

What is software?

Technology can be broken down into two basic categories: hardware and software. When we think of hardware, we think of the physical components, like computers and monitors. Software is a set of programs and operating information, like Microsoft Office or Google Suite.

Software is necessary for growth since it helps us reach our goals quickly and efficiently. Implementing software that makes sense for your firm is essential, but you must know the types of software you need before you can implement it. 

What are the necessary types of software you need?

When thinking about the types of software you need, you must understand that you’re looking for programs that will improve your speed, accuracy, and efficiency. Let’s look at the types of software you need.  

Practice Management 

Practice management software is essential as it helps you manage your day-to-day workflow and business operations. Good software will centralize your cases, contacts, calendars, documents, tasks, and payments. 

Task Management

While practice management software may include legal task management, you may benefit from a separate program. A specialized legal task management software can help you track what actions need to be taken throughout a case. 

Internal Communication

Communication is vital to the growth of your law firm, and luckily there are programs to help. Internal communication software will provide an easy, efficient way to communicate with your employees.

Video Conferencing

During COVID-19, all businesses recognized the need for efficient video conferencing software. Implementing this type of software is essential even if you work in person. You never know when you will need to switch to remote meetings. 

Calendaring and Docketing

Legal calendaring and docketing software will help you schedule meetings and track deadlines. This software will help you keep track of appointments, important dates, and deadlines in multiple staff calendars.

File Storage

All law firms tend to accumulate lots of files that need to be stored safely. File storage management software helps keep legal contracts, casefiles, non-disclosure agreements, intake forms, and other types of paperwork. 

Knowledge Management

As your law firm grows, you will need a place to store your accumulated knowledge. Knowledge management software will provide a dedicated resource for employees to help you onboard new hires and tap into existing information.

Client Relationship Management

Implementing a good CRM, or client relationship management software, is essential to running a successful firm. A CRM will help you manage intake, keep track of what stage a potential client is in, monitor conversations with each client, and more.

Phone System

As lawyers, we often receive calls at all hours of the day. Don’t miss out on potential leads that come in after-hours! Phone system software provides flexible access to communication, recorded and transcribed conversations, and a reduced workload.

Accounting and Billing

Accounting and billing programs are another type of software you need. After all, without it, we couldn’t afford to keep the doors open! Good accounting and billing software will help you bill clients, track billable hours, and manage your costs and expenses. 


Timekeeping software is crucial for tracking the amount of time your attorneys spend working on their cases. This software helps you correctly bill clients, track productivity, and stay accountable to your team.


Of course, implementing the software you need isn’t helpful unless you have a way to measure its effectiveness. Reporting software will help you keep track of key performance indicators so that you know what works and what needs to be adjusted. 

Speak to an Expert

There are a few different types of software you need. From practice management to reporting, implementing software is essential to growing your firm. Be sure to research which program is right for you and your practice.

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