Hire the Right Staff

Many law firm owners fail to recognize that they are entrepreneurs, and what makes entrepreneurs successful is the staff they hire. So how do you know how to hire the right staff? Read 8 Figure Firm’s blog to learn more.

What does it mean to hire the right staff?

Hiring the right staff will look different for every law firm, so it is vital to understand the characteristics that are important to you. However, there are a few characteristics that are almost universally ideal.


You’ll want to look for reliable, confident, dedicated, independent, and self-aware employees. Additionally, people who possess good interpersonal skills and who enjoy teamwork will benefit your firm.


Hopefully, the ideal candidate for your position will have a blend of technical and interpersonal skills, but remember that you can always teach them what they need to know. It may be better to hire someone with fewer skills if they align with your values. 

How do you start the process?

We’ve established the characteristics of a good employee – but how do you find them? To hire the right staff, you may need to restructure your hiring process. Let’s look at some of the best ways to start the process.

Recognize the Position

First and foremost, you must recognize the position you need to fill. For example, if your legal assistants are overwhelmed, you may need to hire more people. It can be tricky to recognize the position you need to fill, but it’s the best place to start.

Clarify Company Values

If you haven’t already established your mission, vision, and values, you will need to do so before you start searching for candidates. Be sure that you’re looking for people who will help you accomplish your mission.

Define the Job

If you are filling an existing position, you may not need to define the responsibilities and expectations of the job. However, if you’re creating a new position, you will need to list everything a new hire would be responsible for, the salary, necessary skills, and company goals.

How do you find the right staff?

Now that we’ve established how to start the process, let’s look at how you can find the right staff. 

Promote from Inside

The best employee for your position may be right under your nose! Before you start looking for an outside hire, try asking the leaders at your firm if they have any recommendations. Promoting from within is cheaper, easier, and supports employee morale.

Ask for Referrals

Asking your current employees for referrals is a great way to find the right staff. Be sure to speak with the leaders of your firm and your top-performing employees to see if they have any recommendations.

Post Online

Posting your job opening online has benefits and drawbacks. An advantage of posting on job websites like Indeed and LinkedIn is that you can fine-tune your selection. However, a disadvantage is that you may not find the high-quality candidates you need.   

How do you hire the right staff?

Once you’ve started the hiring process and found some quality applicants, it’s time to start interviewing and finding the best candidate for your firm. Let’s talk about how to hire the right staff.

Rethink Your Interview

To narrow down your candidates, you may need to rethink your interviewing process. Ask unique questions to get an authentic feel for an applicant, and spend some time with them. You’ll need to make sure that they blend well with your firm.

Improve Culture

Improving your company culture and demonstrating its strengths to potential candidates is an excellent way to attract the right staff to your firm. When people see the benefits of working with you, they’re more likely to buy in and commit to your firm.

Listen to Research

COVID-19 ultimately led to the Great Recession, which saw many Americans leaving their jobs. People who quit cited poor compensation, lack of opportunity, and disrespect as their reasoning. Listen to research to attract and keep the right staff.  

Speak to an Expert

To experience exponential growth, you must hire the right staff. Focus on defining the job position, finding the right people, and keeping employees to ensure that you have the right team for your firm.


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