Brand Awareness & Its Importance in Experiencing Exponential Growth

When you are using marketing to grow your law firm, you will find three main reasons why it works so well. Marketing builds brand awareness, brand authority, and connection. Brand awareness is the first step in implementing marketing strategies that will help you bring in more clients. This term is what it sounds like – people being aware of your brand or firm. When people know about your law firm, they are more likely to trust you to care for their legal needs. Let’s get into detail about how and why brand awareness is essential when marketing your firm. 

Brand Awareness

Brand awareness has two parts: recognition and remembrance. When your marketing is successful, your audience will recognize and remember your law firm. When they recognize and remember your firm, they will be more likely to trust your law firm when they find themselves in need of legal assistance. Let’s break down how recognition and remembrance work.


Branding your law firm gives it a cohesive look that sets it apart from the competition, increasing the likelihood of people recognizing your law firm. Examples of your brand include your firm’s name, logo, and colors, as well as the mission, vision, and values that define your firm’s goals.  

Because the market is often saturated with other businesses, it’s crucial to differentiate yourself – this is part of your brand’s recognition. To put this part of brand awareness in a more specific context, let’s look at how Spotify and Apple Music have built their brands. These two brands offer the same service: music streaming. However, we recognize them as different companies due to how they look. Even by visiting the homepage of both websites, you can see the difference.

The image is a screenshot of Spotify's homepage meant to elaborate on brand awareness.
The Spotify homepage
Screenshot of Apple Music's homepage meant to elaborate on brand awareness
The Apple Music homepage

Spotify is brightly colored, with emojis and contrasting buttons. It uses color theory to give the appearance of youthfulness and quirkiness. Apple Music takes a subtler tone, emphasizing its minimalist design and connection with Apple products. Apple Music also looks at what the app looks like at different stages of its usage.

We are aware that these two brands are separate entities because of how they designed their brands. When you create your firm’s look to reflect its unique attributes, you will differentiate yourself from your competition. In addition, people will remember the look and experience that your firm provided. Even though law firms offer similar services, you can still stand out by focusing on the specific attributes of your firm. 


To get people to remember your law firm, you have to promote yourself. This marketing may look like sending out weekly emails, using paid advertisements on Facebook, or buying radio ads. The more that people see your brand, the more likely they are to remember you when they find themselves needing legal assistance. To increase the awareness of your firm, you have to market your law firm.

Let’s talk about how companies use their marketing to increase people who remember them. There are a few different ways to get your law firm noticed when marketing online. You can boost your SEO through your website, send out weekly email campaigns, or use social media. Here, we’ll be discussing how using social media can help you increase the number of people who remember your firm.

There are two ways to market on social media: organic and paid. Organic involves posting regular content to your platforms. The platforms have varied uses, and many of them overlap. We recommend using YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to start your marketing journey. Each of these platforms has its benefits. 

With Facebook and Instagram, you can use targeted ads to reach a specific audience, causing you to stay at the forefront of a potential client’s mind. If you are looking to reach a demographic of people you think would benefit from your firm’s services, this is the way to go. Paying for targeted advertisements is often called paid social or inorganic marketing.  

Final Thoughts

Regardless of how you choose to brand and promote your law firm, marketing works because it increases your brand’s awareness. Marketing with frequency and consistency will cause people to recognize and remember your brand, which increases the number of potential clients you have and solidifies your relationship with current and former clients.

If you’re interested in starting your journey into using digital marketing to increase your law firm’s awareness, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us here at 8 Figure Firm. We offer a wide array of services, including marketing and consulting. We are here to help you turn your law firm into a law business.