Mastermind Experience

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Renew, Refresh and Restore Your Law Firm

We’ve designed our 2-day Mastermind Experience to foster collaboration in order to support busy attorneys. When you don’t receive enough support in your business, your law firm will stagnate. Not only will you not be performing at your best, but the people working with you won’t strive for greatness. Our conference is an event that will help you renew, refresh, and restore your passion for law so that you can get back to putting your best foot forward.

Talk Shop

There are two sides to running a law firm. The first is legal, from court appearances to research and legal advice. The second half of a successful law firm is the business perspective. Business involves new client generation, marketing, and budgeting, which is as important as the legal side. Learn how others are handling the business side of their firms. Figure out what others are doing to bring in more clients, and improve their bottom lines.

New Ideas Will Help You Grow

During the year, you’ll get a chance to fly around the country meeting different firms. Our Mastermind fosters team building and other efforts to foster creativity and unique problem-solving. The experience will inspire you to implement new ideas for your firm, and you’ll get an opportunity to compare the different types of operations to see what works best for you and your firm. 

Form Lasting Relationships

Meeting with other lawyers at an event like this will help you build life-long relationships. Having new people to turn to will help you creatively problem solve, and these connections will be just a phone call away. After the event, we encourage you to reach out to your new contacts and continue the work started at the Mastermind.

A Conference That Will Change Your Life

There are precious few events that change the course of your life. However, those who have attended our past Mastermind Experiences will tell you that this event is life-changing. It is more than just two days a few times a year. It is a year-long process designed to foster growth for busy law firms across the nation.

If you want to grow your law firm, join us for our Mastermind. You will get a chance to work closely with lawyers from around the country and develop ideas to help your law firm thrive. Grab your spot today before it’s too late – tickets won’t last long!

Mastermind Experience