6 Keys to Efficient Operations

As your business grows, you may find that different areas of your firm lack efficiency. It’s crucial that you continually check in and improve your operations, especially when you’re focused on exponential growth. Read our blog to learn 8 Figure Firm’s six keys to efficient operations.

What are operations?

A successful business has many moving parts, from reception to legal assistants to attorneys. Operations is a term that encompasses everything that goes into running your law firm. Since this is a broad topic, we’ll focus on six keys and how best to implement them.

Keys to Efficient Operations

Know Your Business

The best way to create efficient operations is to know your processes! You should become familiar with the processes that go into each department of your firm. When you are aware of all the pieces that make your firm work, you will better understand how to improve.


To get familiar, we recommend that you meet with different departments in your firm. Have them explain what goes into their job, or ask if you can shadow them for a day. This process may be extensive, but it’s worth it to understand how your firm functions.

Offer Access to Training

While your employees likely receive training when they start at your firm, that knowledge can be lost to time. Offering access to training throughout their time with your firm can refresh their memory about policies, procedures, and best practices.


Provide access to your firm’s guidelines online, and once a year, have them complete compliance training. Offer up continual learning opportunities for your employees, and encourage the free flow of information. People want to learn – let them!

Track Your Performance

Using key performance indicators is a great way to measure and track your firm’s improvement. You must know your baseline performance and the metrics you measure against to get efficient operations.


Pick key performance indicators that work for you, and let your firm know. Each department should have its own set of metrics that are measured against, and every employee should know the targets they’re expected to hit. 

Put People First

People are more efficient when they are encouraged to do the best work they can. Additionally, putting people first prevents overwork, which decreases productivity in the workplace. Put your people first, and efficient operations will follow.


To put this in practice, try asking your staff what they would like to receive from the firm – and actively listen to their answers. Consider what’s practical, and try to put those things in place. Make your firm an enjoyable place to work, and people will want to put in more effort.

Communicate Effectively

When your team knows your firm’s expectations, they’re more likely to meet them. Communicate your goals effectively, and your firm will rise to the occasion. Being transparent with your team members will increase loyalty, honesty, and efficiency.


You could get with your marketing team to implement effective communication and develop a company newsletter. This newsletter could contain birthdays, company events, and your firm’s vision, mission, and values. Fostering this connection will end up improving your operations.

Leverage Your Technology

There’s a huge market for technology products to help law firms streamline their operations in this day and age. These products and services can automate processes and keep you from wasting time doing menial tasks.


Find your pinch points, and do some research about the services out there. Many companies out there aim to make it easier for you to scale your firm – think about Zapier, Lawmatics, and Filevine. Don’t waste your time with repetitive tasks that you can automate.

Speak with Experts

There are many different avenues you can take to make your operations more efficient. To find out what works best for your firm, you may have to trial and error with different methods. However, contact us at 8 Figure Firm if you want a tailored approach.


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