Stephanie Castro is a highly experienced law firm consultant who has a remarkable track record at 8 Figure Firm. With more than 16 years of experience in business operations primarily within the healthcare industry, she relocated to Atlanta in 2005 and soon discovered that her skills and expertise were highly transferable to the legal field.

At 8 Figure Firm, Stephanie is committed to helping law firm owners achieve predictable revenue of eight figures a year. Her approach to achieving this goal involves working closely with clients to streamline their operations, strengthen their leadership teams, and focus on developing a client-centric culture that empowers organizations to foster relationships and make a positive impact on their client’s lives. Stephanie recognizes that intentionality combined with a strong focus on implementation is the driving force behind reaching 8 figures. 

Stephanie’s vast experience and expertise make her an asset to 8 Figure Firm and their clients. Her passion for helping organizations achieve their goals and deliver exceptional service to their clients is apparent in her work, and she is committed to delivering outstanding results for everyone she works with.