The Power of the Story Brand

Josh Konigsberg

Josh Konigsberg is the Co-founder and Partner of Law Firm Marketing Pros, an award-winning digital marketing agency helping law firms generate qualified leads. As a seasoned marketing professional, he helps law firms enhance their digital presence and achieve growth by embracing cutting-edge marketing techniques. Josh is also the author of Law Firm Digital Marketing Made Easy, which shares industry wisdom and the secrets to success in a crowded market.



Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • [1:07] How Josh Konigsberg’s background in communications and natural salesmanship propelled him into marketing
  • [2:15] Why marketing principles are universal — not industry-specific
  • [8:23] Leveraging Google to attract high-profile clients
  • [14:53] How Josh helps attorneys tell compelling stories to resonate with their audiences
  • [18:43] The importance of video and reels in modern marketing strategies
  • [21:06] Lead magnets: how to value your prospects’ contact information

In this episode…

Have you ever wondered how successful law firms manage to stand out from the crowd? It’s not just about offering top-notch legal services; there are marketing techniques involved that many firms don’t recognize. What are these strategies, and how can you employ them to attract more clients to your firm?

Law firm digital marketer Josh Kongisberg maintains that marketing fundamentals are not relegated to a specific industry but apply to all businesses. These principles include investing in Google Ads for immediate visibility and organic reach by targeting potential clients searching for legal services. Additionally, you must develop a cohesive brand story that positions your law firm as a valuable solution through engaging video content and resources. 

In this episode of The Guts and Glory Show, join Luis Scott as he interviews Josh Konigsberg, the Co-founder and Partner at Law Firm Marketing Pros, about mastering digital marketing strategies for law firms. Josh discusses how to nurture long-term relationships with high-profile leads, the transformative power of storytelling, and how your marketing budget correlates with revenue.

Resources mentioned in this episode: 

Quotable Moments:

  • “Marketing is not specific to an industry, it’s universal.”
  • “The top 3% are in the buying cycle right now…they’re the ones you want to get in front of.”
  • “You need to differentiate yourself. It’s all about them, not you.”
  • “As an entrepreneur, you are forced to learn how to market.”
  • “The value of the lead magnet has to be equal to or greater than the exchange of the information they’re giving you.”

Action Steps:

  1. Invest in Google and understand its significance for business acquisition.
    • Google dominates the market, so having a presence there is essential for immediate access to potential clients.
  2. Implement the “Crawl, Walk, Run, Fly” approach gradually.
    • This stepwise strategy allows for measured, sustainable progression and adapts to market feedback.
  3. Be patient and commit to your digital marketing efforts long-term.
    • Cutting-edge marketing strategies require time to mature and yield results, aligning with the business growth marathon mindset.
  4. Craft a compelling story brand where your firm is the guide, supporting clients in their journey.
    • A story-centric approach resonates with potential clients by positioning your services as the solution to their challenges.
  5. Create and distribute valuable lead magnets that match the perceived value of personal contact information.
    • Effective lead magnets generate interest and trust, building a database of potential clients for future engagement.

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Episode Transcript

Intro  0:00  

Get ready to be amazed. Get ready to be transformed. Get ready to believe it is possible. You’re entering the growth zone on The Guts and Glory Show with your host Luis Scott.

Luis Scott  0:23  

Hey guys, my name is Luis. And this is The Guts and Glory Show. It’s a show dedicated to helping you learn just a little more so that you can be bigger and better than you were before. And I’m really excited about our guest. today. Our guest is a longtime friend, and someone who’s been in the industry for a long time in the world of marketing, this elusive world of marketing, where everyone seems to be so confused about what to do to get business. And we’re going to unpack it all today. And talk about how you can get more business, make more money, work less and live the life that you want. And so our guest today is Josh Konigsberg, owner of Law Firm Marketing Pros and the author of Law Firm Digital Marketing Made Easy. So we’re really excited to have Josh on the show. Josh, welcome to the Guts and Glory show.

Josh Konigsberg  1:07  

Luis, thanks. Thanks for the wonderful introduction. And thanks for the invitation to the show. Really looking forward to our conversation today. Absolutely,

Luis Scott  1:15  

absolutely. So you and I have worked together a lot. And I know your work. I know the work that you do around the country with different law firms. And yeah, we can get into law firms and all that. But really, the principles of marketing are not specific to an industry, right. It’s it’s marketing is marketing is marketing. And you really understand that. And that’s I think that that’s what what matters most to the audience, when it comes to growing their business, whether it’s a law firm, or a tax accounting business, or video production business, or selling vitamins, whatever it is, it’s all the same. It’s it’s how do you get in front of these eyes? How do you actually create this, this plan that gets a person to actually call you and spend money with you. And so you’ve become the expert in doing that. And so tell us a little bit about how you got into marketing, and how you actually became a specialist in this space.

Josh Konigsberg  2:15  

We have to go all the way back to my college years. Way, way back. I’m not going to say how old I am, but I’m old. My degree is in communications. And we’ve always kind of been a natural salesperson whenever I go in all the way back to us. I remember the fundraisers when I would play in travel ice hockey as a kid, tell him don’t tell my neighbors, right. So. So the progression into marketing came as it was I was almost forced into it as an entrepreneur when I started my first business right out of college. And while I was working in college, I was working at a health club, there was actually a tennis and Racquet Club. And they had a full blown health facility. And it’s funny. There was a large branch of state farm I believe it was opened up not too far from from the, from the facility. And I said to the owner, I said, you know, there’s probably a lot of people down there at that State Farm place that would join the gym, if they knew maybe maybe if we put together a program and gave him an offer a special for like quantity discount. He said, That’s a great idea. If you go make it happen. I’ll give you 10% Who I walked in, I talked to the director HR introduce myself. And they said to me, that sounds like a great plan. And next thing you know, two weeks later, I walked out with a check for $5,000. Now this is a 98 He’s right. I gave it to my boss, he turned around and gave me a check for $500. And I said I’m sitting on the wrong side of the table. Don’t get me wrong, just just the college kid picked up an extra 500 It was great, but but the story for me was hey, I need to figure out how to be my own boss and own my own business. So I shortly after I graduated college, I started my own business and as an entrepreneur, you are forced to learn how to market so even though the degree is in communications, it wasn’t specifically marketing. So I learned the tricks and trades of marketing and I’ve immersed myself and reading books watching video and and being a student of the Dan Kennedy’s and a Russell Bronson’s of the world.

Luis Scott  4:24  

You know, what’s interesting is you said as an entrepreneur, you have to learn how to market now. That is very true. And unfortunately, so many people don’t learn how to market and they go out of business. And so it’s not always the case that people actually learn that skill set. I love the story about the doughnuts because I feel like every entrepreneur has that when I was a kid, this is what I did. That clearly identified me as an entrepreneur. For me it was ironing clothes or I used to call it dry cleaning my my parents clothes like that’s what I did 20 bucks a week and it wasn’t time driven. It was get the job done and You get paid. And I think that that’s that’s a big part of, of an entrepreneur’s makeup is that they don’t want to be bound to earning only because of time they like to make money regardless of the amount of time that they have. And so you you spent all this time since you did 21 in in marketing, and you eventually got into like a niche of, of law firm marketing. But I’m curious to hear in today’s market environment, what works? Give me that high level what works right now?

Josh Konigsberg  5:29  

Well, again, as I mentioned, I’ve immersed myself and books and videos and training and whatnot. So Chet Holmes, who wrote the ultimate selling machine, which is a phenomenal book, and I recommend highly recommended, unfortunately, he recently passed, but he created something called the buyer’s pyramid. So I want you to think of a pyramid and the top 3% of the people in the pyramid are in the buying cycle right now. So I’ll just use a couple analogies in law, right. And by the way, we’re all as consumers, every moment, every waking moment of every day, we’re all at some stage in the buying cycle of shopping. So so we’re all competing for that, right. So the buying cycle for family law is different for criminal defense and criminal defense for Personal Injury and Criminal criminal defense and estate planning. So if my son gets a DUI, and I get a call at two in the morning from county lockup, you don’t happen to know a lot of attorneys like I do. What’s the first thing you do? I gotta get my son out of lockup, right? And so what’s the buying cycle? Five minutes, right there go into Google, or maybe seeing who’s got the best reputation? If you’re if you’re close now, on Google, you’re not getting that phone call at two in the morning, I’m calling somebody who can go out and get get my son at me. What do you need on the credit card, right? Here’s the AMEX number, go ahead and get them out of jail. So those the top 3% are in the buying cycle. Now, I’ll go to another another story of getting going through a divorce. So I’ve been divorced, that took 18 months. So that buying cycle, you reached a tipping point, unless there’s some type of a triggering event, right? You walk into a house or something like that. There, there’s a it’s a protracted decision making process. And there’s ways to attack that. But those people are not in the top 3%. So the way he breaks out the pyramid, the next section is 7%. And no 7% are in consideration for it. So I’m thinking about the horse. I’m tired of fighting. I’m going to start my journey to seek what to look for. Oh, yeah, I’ve been in a car accident. Do I need an attorney? Do I not? Do I need to go to the urgent care center? You know, I know I gotta get my car fixed at the body shop. But Am I really that hurt until the next morning, you can’t get out of bed, right? We all know those stores. So those 7% and move up into the 3%. And I like to use divorce because the numbers are staggering. We know 50% Of all people who are married are considering divorce because we know the divorce rate is 50% or higher in some cases. So we just talked about the top 10% of the people who you can get where are those people who were there on Google, they’ve gotten 94% of market share. So we that’s that’s an absolute direct response. We can put we can put you in front of them for what they’re searching for. And they’re pretty pretty far down the buying cycle. Absolutely.

Luis Scott  8:23  

So right now, I think what you’re you’re alluding to is if you are having trouble getting business, and you really want to get business right now you need to be on Google is at the point

Josh Konigsberg  8:34  

100% You need to be on Google. That’s funny. Yesterday, I spoke to a small PR firm in Miami. They were only three years in and you know, what do you guys been doing? Well, we have reels on social media. That’s what they’re doing. That’s all their dinner. So I can go down that path of why that doesn’t work at their stage. They need clients out there, you need clients in the future 100%. And your strategy should include that provided you have the budget, if you don’t have the budget, you need to get clients now. So you can allocate a reserve for future investment to drive traffic in the future. So I just had to get back to him. Well,

Luis Scott  9:13  

I’ve met a lot of people who believe in that concept, but then they say it’s too expensive. So what would you say to somebody who says, Look, Josh, I believe you I know. But man, it’s like it’s crazy expensive. How do you how do you reconcile that issue?

Josh Konigsberg  9:28  

So the cost is going to be based upon a budget a budget is going to be based upon a percent of projected revenue. So what’s expensive? What’s your customer acquisition cost? What are you comfortable? What what should you be paying to acquire a customer and we use Initially we’ll use your paid ad campaign budget and then over time, as we increase the organic reach and loving the presence, we’re going to have a blended average which drives that number down and it’s going to vary from type of law to type of law and As you’re aware, different areas of the country are more expensive than others, right?

Luis Scott  10:04  

And even even, you know, across industry types to its, it depends like some industries, you may be able to have immediate access, right? If you were to start a plumbing business, or one of these businesses that are really in demand right now, right, ah, back, we’re going into summer, and you start an H back company and you start putting Google ads, it’s very likely you’re gonna get hits really quickly, because there’s, there’s a lot of people at the top of the top of the pyramid who are ready to buy right now. And I think that that also influences, you know, the success rate, but outside of the costs, right, so you’re talking about how the, the cost of acquisition depends on the practice area, the, you know, the industry and the location, so forth. But what about timing? Because when I coach and consult clients, I’m always telling them, give it time, give it time, like, what is the timing for this? Right, you know, in your book, law firm, Made Easy, do you know digital marketing made easy? What is what is the timing, simplify this for me how great

Josh Konigsberg  11:01  

platform. So we we use something a four phase process called crawl, walk, run fly. And I wish I could say that it was three months of crawling three months of walking through three months of running to get to the flash stage, there are very there are variables that impact that competitiveness of the market, what your existing digital footprint looks like. So in the crawl phase, what we want to do is we want to start to get our clients win at wins as soon as possible. And so the first thing we need to do is implement some type of pay per click strategy, because that’s going to be the light switch that gets them found and seen and convert. Now one of the things that we run into all the time is and you can do any Google search, especially in PEI, you’re going to see almost every single one of those ads look the same. It’s no different than the billboards that you see up and down the highway, they almost all look the same, right? So you need to differentiate yourself with the content of those ads of what people see. There. Part of it has to do, if we have time, today, we can talk a little bit about story, because it’s not about you, the attorney, it’s about them. And so again, not to go down a rabbit hole. But in our story. And Luis, you and I are in the same position, we are the guy, the hero of the story is the attorney in the attorneys world, the hero is client, and they’re a guide. And so many get that confused. So many attorneys get that they think they’re the hero, right? And I I can see that as I drive up and down the highway, as I have the TV on and I see the ads, and the attorneys are standing there like this, you’re the god you’re not the hero.

Luis Scott  12:45  

Well, that’s driven by ego, right? There’s plenty of plenty of ego to go around. So they want to be the they want to be the hero that’s, you know, rescuing the victim. In this in this scenario. I do want to get into story brand. But I want to ask you, what would you say the top three things are that self sabotage these digital strategies, because now we’ve talked about understanding the cost of acquisition and timing depends on where your current digital footprint is, but like, people are self sabotaging every single day, what are they doing?

Josh Konigsberg  13:14  

So can anyone their stage of development and their mindset, right? Obviously, the self sabotage of somebody doing less than a million might be different than somebody who’s at 3 million trying to get to 6 million or 5 million trying to get to 10 million, right? So budget budget concerns and their, their cost or concerns about cost is one. And they need to understand what the proper percent of revenue that should be invested in marketing. Yes. And I know you do a great job explaining that and and helping them understand that. So that’s the first thing. The second thing is not giving it enough time, and expecting instantaneous results. And it simply doesn’t work that way. There’s there’s very few instances throughout the advertising history that you can think of, hey, there’s that silver bullet that work. And to get to that silver bullet that work. We don’t know how many different ad campaigns fail for them to get there. And the most iconic one I can think of is the Wendy’s ad campaign, which really put them on the map of where’s the beef? Right. That’s such an iconic campaign, but how many millions of dollars 10s of millions of dollars that they spend to reach that catapult point that where they hit that meteoric rise to be competitive with with McDonald’s and Burger King,

Luis Scott  14:30  

right? Yeah, billions.

Josh Konigsberg  14:32  

So Right, exactly. So so there’s no silver bullet. And the other thing that I see is there’s not a consistent cohesive story that they’re telling across all channels. And that story should permeate all channels. Absolutely. Guy

Luis Scott  14:53  

I love what you’re saying about the about the there’s no you know, it’s not fast. It’s not quick and it It makes me think of like Coke, if you ever go to the coke factory here in Atlanta, and you see the story of Coca Cola, like, they were people who missed on Coca Cola, they were people who I mean, the original founders of the formula sold it for like pennies to, you know, to the guy who ended up like blowing up the business. And so there are people in the early stages of your business that are going to miss on you, they’re not going to believe in you. But if you stay in the game long enough, you will find the people who believe in you. Let’s go to story because I love this segue into this story. I think a lot of it has to do with the story you tell to write. And we were talking before the before the show about this concept of story brand. Tell us a little bit more about this, because I know you’re you’re really deep into this.

Josh Konigsberg  15:45  

Yeah. So this is Donald Miller has written several books on it. And it really simplifies the messaging so that the consumer, your potential client can understand really, who you are, and what you can do for that. Because again, it’s all about them, not you. So every great story ever told every great novel ever written, going all the way back to Shakespeare and Hamlet, every great movie that we’ve seen, there’s the same basic story. And that is, there is a hero who meets a guide that develops a plan to overcome the villain. And that villain does not have to be an individual. And that plan helps them avoid failure and pain, and leaves that to success and happiness. That’s the same theme of every story every fall. Now, I love that story. Right? They love that story. Right? So So again, Luis, you and I are the God, the attorneys are the hero who’s the villain to them. Now I can rattle off a half of those and digital marketing agencies who don’t get it right, who I think are building software. But the third one is their competition and the difficulties of being found and seen and chosen as a category of one in the marketplace. That to me is the villain. For you. The villain is them not really, truly understanding how to operate a business to make it profitable to grow and become an eight figure firm, right? Yeah, so we develop a plan, right? To help them avoid failure and achieve success. And that’s ultimately what it means. But in order to do that, you have to simplify your messaging. So I’m gonna read you what’s known as a one liner, one liner can be one, sentence two, sentence, three, three sentences. And we, we see these every day as consumers, but we don’t necessarily understand what’s happening in terms of the motivation for me to so if I were to meet you, we said at a cocktail reception or networking event, and you hang what you do, Josh, well, we partner with ambitious attorneys seeking more cases by getting their digital marketing, right, that they can reclaim valuable time and focus on what matters most in their practice and personal life. Now, does that tell you what we do for an attorney? Does that resonate?

Luis Scott  18:09  

I mean, I you know, just to answer this question, generally, it would resonate with some people, it would not resonate with some people, right. It just depends on who’s your if it’s your ideal client, that would probably resonate for sure.

Josh Konigsberg  18:20  

Yeah. If you’re not an ambitious attorney, you’re not my client. Exactly. Yeah, that’s exactly. That’s right. That’s right. So so so we help our attorney clients develop this storyline, that can be implemented and permeated into all the different channels. And if we’re working with an outside agency, like they have a traditional marketing agent will work with them, they may already have, right. Like, we know that, for example, we have a shared client Clark speaks who speaks for you. That’s a wonderful campaign. And it’s obviously worked tremendously well for him.

Luis Scott  18:54  

My question about, you know, telling the story, because I think that this is one of the most difficult parts of it when you don’t understand the intricacies of marketing is how do you tell that story on a pay per click campaign? How do you tell that story through lead generation? How do you tell that story? through referrals? How do you tell that story through the channels where you don’t have really the the ability to manage the content itself? I know there’s a way to do it. I’m curious how you guys do that go

Josh Konigsberg  19:24  

movies, and plots and subplots, and then taking small bits and pieces of of a movie and trying to piece them together over time? The websites easy, right? We can we can modify websites so we can get that social media becomes much more difficult, because we’ve only got them for microseconds, right? So but you have to buy bits and pieces, put it together for them. And hopefully they see it over over time and connect all the dots. And you were tremendously successful with this in your last in your last Law Firm.

Luis Scott  20:00  

Yeah, I mean, we definitely we went out and hired a company who actually created a brand story for us. And I don’t know, is this something that that law for marketing pros actually does for clients? Well,

Josh Konigsberg  20:11  

we’re actually in the process of implementing something called My love video, which is where we’re going to be doing this as part of it. We’re also going to be doing it as part of our branding process, our branding, onboarding, so that for the parts that we do do, like pay per click, and whatever and from, by the way, for Pay Per Click ads, it’s going to resonate in any ads to get them to the landing pages, which then begin to tell a story with some video that tells the story even more, right, maybe, right, so So obviously, what the call is action. And again, it’s about saving them from failure, leading them to success. And what does the avatar look like, for this law firm versus that law? Firm? Right. So so so the so the answer to your question is yes. And as we implement the my little buddy program, over the next couple months, it’s almost ready now. So yeah, that’s what we’ll be offering that up.

Luis Scott  21:06  

super valuable. I mean, I know when we paid for our the creation of our brand story, I think it was like probably 10 to $15,000. And it sounds like you’re including it in your process. So that’s, that’s a big value add for anybody out there who’s looking to, you know, to work with someone who develops their story brand. Tell me what else is working right now? Because the industry is always changing. Markets always changing. We know digital works. We know storytelling works. What else do you see out in the marketplace? Maybe something that people are is untapped? And you’re seeing is working really well.

Josh Konigsberg  21:38  

Thanks. First and foremost, the acceleration to reels has been mind boggling, right? So you have to have some type of video presence in order to be just to be competitive, even if you don’t get it right. And I’m not suggesting they should do it wrong. But a lot of people out there doing it wrong. But at least there’s some type of presence, right? So it’s also the proper implementation of Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, so that we’re hitting the right audience to get the conversions. And here’s one of the other things I see people do wrong, and they need to get right. So you implement a new IVR these conversations a Facebook, and when I say let’s call it meta ad campaign, so the difference many, so for the audience listening to the difference between organic posts, and paid meta ads is dramatically different organic posts, the people who follow you are going to see that post and only a very small percentage, they already know who you are, that’s not who we’re worried about. So the ads are placed in front of a audience based upon an avatar that together we create so that we can hit a target of people who would might be interested in and I’m going to go back to the chat homes buyer pyramid, because we didn’t talk about the remaining 90% the bottom and then that ties into this. And this is where we get clients down the line. I mean, in the future. So the bottom 30% of that pyramid, again, go back to family, while they’re never getting divorced, no matter what, right, because of whatever their value structure, it doesn’t matter. They’re never again, that leaves 60% of the market that needs to know who you are. And how do you get them to know who you are, is by providing some piece of valuable information that they might be interested in. And in order to do that, to do that, we’ve got to get them to raise their hand and say, Yes, I want that information. And that information is known as a lead magnet that can be a guide, a kit, a checklist, a book, a webinar, and and so those lead magnets get them to raise their hand and the value of the lead magnet has to be equal to or greater than the exchange of the information they’re giving you, which is their name, email address, and phone number. Luis’s your name, email address and phone number valuable to you.

Luis Scott  24:04  

Everybody has a different price for it. Right? Right. That’s

Josh Konigsberg  24:07  

right. So that exchange has to happen. But once they’ve raised their hand, and they’ve downloaded some content, does that and again, I’m going to go back to family law and the divorce kits that we’ve created. So we have a divorce kit for men and a divorce case for women. Just because I downloaded a divorce kit today. Does that mean I’m ready to come in tomorrow for a console? Not necessarily No. Not quite here next week, or next month, in my case, 18 months later. So if I’m continually being touched over that period of time, that law firm remains top of mind. They build authority, so I’ve trust trust them. So I know that now I like that because they provide me with valuable information. And I learned and I know like and now I trust them. So now I call them the console. That takes time again, not a switch. So when we build a database of people who have raised their hands because they have some level of interest in an estate plan and and divorce, right doesn’t work so well for criminal defense because the buying cycle so short, so that we are successfully getting conversions and building databases for personal injury. The ultimately when we build enough people in the database who know you who raised their hand, we now offer up a evergreen webinar that they can come to. So let’s just say we got in six months 500 people raise their hand, we’ve got their emails, they’re invited to a webinar to Evergreen webinar that we’ve got set up 50 of the 550 register 25 show up 15 stated the end can come in for appointments five convert, we can run that every month forever. And

Luis Scott  25:44  

it’s in its there’s some level of predictability in it. Because you already know who your client avatar is, the people are raising their hands, they’re already self selecting, it makes it really easy. But you just said something that kind of blew my mind. I’ve never thought about this. And then I was able to think of a moment where this has been true. You said, the the giveaway, the lead magnet has to be greater in value than the value of the person’s name, phone number and email. And it literally clicked in my head. How succinct that explanation is, as it relates to lead magnets, because I have seen lead magnets where the lead magnet will say, learn how to generate an extra $30,000 in your business or learn how to be a six figure business. And I have no interest in that I’m not gonna give you my name, my email for a lead magnet that is worth less than what I think I am worth. I felt like just blew my mind. I had not never thought about that before. Better title

Josh Konigsberg  26:45  

could be this one mistake is costing you $30,000 a month. Now

Luis Scott  26:52  

I’m interested. Now I’m interested, right? Because I don’t want to lose $30,000 I’m willing to give you my email to not lose $30,000 I don’t know if I’m willing to give you my email just to learn how to make $30,000 When I have a multi seven figure multi eight figure business, right like it’s it’s a different fall,

Josh Konigsberg  27:12  

I’ll follow that line with a tagline. This one secret that I’ve used to right now you’re really, really interested in because that I’m losing $30,000 a month and there’s one secret I need to learn to stop the bleeding

Luis Scott  27:25  

to stop the bleeding. Yeah, that was that was powerful. That was really good. So well, there’s been good stuff. I love that marketing is alive. And well. I love marketing. It’s one of my favorite subjects to talk about. I do believe Google is still king. I do believe that paid ads on social media is still important. And I think it can it can drive a lot of traffic. We’re seeing a lot of success all across the digital space. And I think any industry can see similar success if they’re willing to give it the time, the energy and spend the money and doing that. If somebody wants to work with you, and they want more information about lafer marketing pros maybe get access to your book, where can they find you

Josh Konigsberg  28:03  

available on Amazon. And also, you can get a free download on our website, which is www dot law firm marketing proz.com. If you’d like to schedule a call with me, when you get to the website, what do we want them to do when they get to the website, everybody wants the same thing they want you to call so you can schedule a call on directly on my calendar at the website.

Luis Scott  28:29  

And one thing that I know is that the value you’re going to provide them for their name and number and email is going to be greater than their name and number and email so that I know I’ve learned that I know that that’s what you have to deliver. That makes perfect sense. So guys, you heard it here. First story brand, Google still king reels are big time, make sure you spend money on paid ads, webinars, funnels, everything’s working right now as long as you have the patience to do it. And stay committed to the process because marketing is a long term game. Your business is a marathon not a sprint. So never forget that. And we just appreciate you Josh for being on the show. And you’ve been listening to The Guts and Glory Show.

Outro  29:08  

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