The Power of the Mind

David Neagle

David Neagle is the President of Life is Now Inc., where he helps purpose-driven entrepreneurs and small business owners scale their companies to seven- and eight-figures. Having spent more than 20 years in the coaching and mentorship industry, he has worked alongside well-known mentors like Tony Robbins, and his clients include prominent people like best-selling authors and coaches.

David is the author of the best-selling book The Millions Within, which delves into intention, focus, and awareness. His coaching has expanded to more than 30 countries, and he has been featured on CBS, NBC, and Fox and in publications like the Wall Street Journal, Inc., and Entrepreneur.



Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Mindset: the invisible architect of your success 
  • How do entrepreneurs perpetuate their toxic belief systems? 
  • David Neagle talks about breaking free from limiting beliefs 
  • How to transform your mindset to double your income and attract more clients
  • Three recommended books to catalyze success

In this episode…

We hear many conflicting narratives about money throughout our lifetimes, some of which are negative beliefs we internalize from our parents. These ideologies become embedded into our mindset, hindering success. Is it possible to grow your business by changing your mindset?

According to mindset and money coach David Neagle, the success of your business depends on your daily decisions. If you believe increasing your income is difficult, you’ll always work harder than necessary. Instead, you must consciously alter the value systems you employ when evaluating growth decisions. This requires recognizing the source of your limiting beliefs and deconstructing their reasonings to unlock profitable opportunities.

Join Luis Scott in today’s episode of The Guts and Glory Show as he welcomes David Neagle, the President of Life is Now Inc., to talk about the correlation between mindset and success. David shares how to escape from the cycle of toxic beliefs, how to attract more clients by changing your mindset, and his recommended books for success.

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Episode Transcript

Intro 0:01

Get ready to be amazed. Get ready to be transformed. Get ready to believe it is possible. You’re entering the growth zone on The Guts and Glory Show with your host Luis Scott.

Luis Scott 0:23

Hey guys, welcome to The Guts and Glory Show a show dedicated to helping you learn just a little more so that you can be bigger and better than you were before. I’m your host Luis, I’m excited to have a guest today. And he is not only just a guest, he is one of my personal consultants, and someone who is completely changing my life. I know that that’s probably hard for, for him to hear that, you know, changing life, but I’m sure he’s accustomed to changing lives over the last 30 years. We have David Neagle, author and owner of Life is Now incorporated a business consulting firm for success. And I believe one of the stats that that got me really interested is that he claims to have helped more people become millionaires than anyone else in the country. That’s a pretty Outstanding, outstanding claim. And so we’re going to hear about how he does that and how you can benefit from some of the work that he does. With that. Let’s welcome David to the stage. Hey, man, thanks

David Neagle 1:12

for having me. Glad to be here.

Luis Scott 1:14

Yeah, for sure. So you know that over the last several months, we’ve talked about mindset and how important mindset is to the development of the life you want developing the business you want. And I don’t think a lot of people buy into that. I think that there’s a there’s a growing belief that it’s just just do work and everything will be fine. But tell me a little bit and tell the audience a little bit about how does the mind play a part in your success?

David Neagle 1:44

Okay, and I agree with you, I think most people don’t believe in it. I think a lot of people think that it’s airy fairy or psychobabble, you know mumbo jumbo or whatever. And I probably would have fallen in that category 30 years ago, myself. And then through a really bad time, I changed one little thing in the way that I was thinking about what I was doing and my income tripled in a month. And I thought how was that even possible? I was a high school dropout. I you know, I didn’t have any skills. And and I mean, it significantly changed my life so much that I had to find out what I did. And they spent the next seven years studying to try to figure out how is this actually possible. So so here’s what it comes down to like if you were to break this down as simplistic as possible, your decision your success is based on the decisions, sorry, your business and your success is based on the decisions that you make every day and your decisions are based on your mindset. And your conscious mindset is highly based on the stories and the ideas that you were raised with as a child, and most of them when it comes down to business is about business is hard, you have to work long, you have to sacrifice it’s difficult to make a lot of money. We have a lot of conflicting values. In this country, when it comes to in many countries actually, when it comes to making money. It’s kind of like the necessary evil type thing. I did a like a, like a test, if you will, or a survey. That’s the word I was looking for, with a bunch of people that are in a group that I teach every morning called the elite mind. And I came up with 70 negative things that people hear during their childhood about money itself. And I said I asked the entire group, how many of these things do you recall hearing as a child, and the entire group read about 97 98% of all those things they had heard growing up? And then I asked them how many positive things have you heard growing up around money as a child, they couldn’t come up with more than three, not anybody in the group. So we’re inundated with these ideas that then form the basis of our own human ideology, who we are what we do, and how we’re going to succeed at doing that, and then we go out into the world. And some people have great success, but they usually have very different background, most people actually struggle, and very few people, regardless of what you see, because of social media, and literature and movies and stories and all that actually when you look at the entire world, very few people become really successful. So if a person wants to have success, if they’re looking at what it is what they’re doing now, they’re probably coming from the place of every time they think they want something better. Their approach, their psychological approach is to work harder, because that’s what we’ve been taught. And the truth is, success is actually easy. And the more money you make, the easier it should be not difficult. However, that’s so attached to our ideology of who we are, that literally people if it’s too easy, they’ll go well it can’t be that good or I’m not a good person or something’s wrong with it. Or this must be a scam am when actually, it’s not true human beings are the only form of life on the planet that struggle. I mean, something is wrong with humanity in the way that we approach life and the way that we’ve been taught to approach it. Because if you if you really examine the foundation of the way that humanity is today, it comes from the idea that most of us were actually raised to work for somebody else, and to work hard for somebody else, right in order to maintain a job to be safe, and hopefully, someday retire. But if you want to be a business owner or an entrepreneur, you got to change the value system in which you approach everything in life. And it can actually be fun, it can be easy, you can do what you want to do in life, you could do it with people that you actually love to be around. And it doesn’t have to be a struggle, it doesn’t have to be a sacrifice. It doesn’t have to be, I gotta get out of bed every day and do something or force myself to do something or be better, you could actually do it and learn how to do it in a way where you love everything that you do. And whatever results that you want can actually come to you relatively easy. That’s, that’s what mindsets about.

Luis Scott 6:08

You know, that’s, there’s a lot to unpack there. Because I think that there’s someone who just heard that entire monologue and said, No way, there’s no way that it’s just that simple. And you were talking about things that we hear growing up, that may influence the way we look at money. I know my thing it was my mom used to always say money doesn’t grow on trees. He’s telling me that all the time. And I associated that with this idea that it is it is hard to get money doesn’t grow on trees. And I know it impacted me because here I am as a 40 year old still remembering those lessons about money not growing on trees, and how for for many years of my life, it was very much struggle to get money because I believed you had to work very, very hard. But what role does do entrepreneurs play in continuing this? I guess we would call it toxic belief. Because every entrepreneur I talked to always says it’s so difficult. It’s so hard, even the successful ones. Are they at fault, to some extent, the successful ones for continuing to push this toxic belief system? Well,

David Neagle 7:14

they’re responsible for their result, okay. And I don’t want to say fault. Because when people hear that they usually think bad or intention or whatever. And I don’t want to go down that road, because I think that’s just self defeating to somebody. But let me explain how this happened. And this was also something that I discovered in my journey. Every most people were taught that working hard is an ethic, right? It’s a we have a hard work ethic, I had it. I was having relative success in my early life by just working harder than anybody else. But it got to a point where I was stuck. And I started, I got to a place where I wanted to start my own business. And I started my own business. And I was making about the equivalent of about 50,000 a year. This was in my first year. And I was working with a mentor. And he and I and he said why don’t you take that 50,000 A year and turn it into a monthly income. And I said, I’d love to do that, you know, he’s like, Well, it’s easier to earn 50,000 A month than it is 50,000 a year. And I heard it but I didn’t hear it when he said that. And I was thinking it’s easier for you to say, you know, like, I wish it was easy. And everything in my mind was going well. That’s not true. He’s just messing with you type of thing. But after a short period of time, he convinced me to set this as a goal. And the first month that I did it, I strategically drew it out, here’s what I’m gonna do. I was working 20 hours a day making sales calls cranking it out. And I was no closer at the end of that first month than I was when I started. And I was like, how can that be? This like this just can’t be I’m working harder than I ever did before. And I got on the phone with him. And he said to me, I told you it was easier. Now the guy that I worked with who’s passed now he he was a very unique mentor because he wouldn’t necessarily tell me what to do. He would lead me to find the result on my own you know, like, which was more difficult but when you got it you really owned it so I really I mean I would not be the person that I am today without this man being in my life for seven years. So I’m like okay, I’m I’ll the second month I’ve got it. I again, strategize out here’s how I can do things differently. Same thing, the end of the month, I’m no closer and I’m like This cannot be happening. I cannot believe I’m no further ahead than I was the month before and I get on the phone with him again. And he said how to go and I said honestly terrible. And like I am no I do not understand how I’m not any closer. And I’m like I’m telling him like I worked 20 hours a day I started calling people in England work my way all the way through the time zones down to Hawaii and Australia and down into Singapore. And nothing like I mean not nothing but I wasn’t ahead of where I was. And he said, I told you, it’s easier. He said, look at it like this. He goes, Why would you work all year for 50,000? When you can earn it in a month? And I’m like, What is this guy saying to me? He goes, I wouldn’t even get out of bed for 50,000. And you work all year for it. So, in this third conversation, I started listening a little bit more like, what is he really telling me? So I get off the phone with him. And I sit there and I go. Okay, if it’s easy, then then I must be making it hard. How am I making it hard? And I was looking at it. And it didn’t hit me at first, like, oh, wait a minute, okay. So if he if it’s really easy, what would be the easiest way for me to make $50,000 in one month, like if I if it absolutely easy, based on cause and effect in the business not waving a magic wand, what would be the easiest way and I thought, well get one client for 50 grand, that would be the easiest way to do it. And then we thought I can’t get a client for 50 grand. And I thought, Well, I think I can get one for 15. I hit 50,000 In two weeks, this time, the second time, and then my and then I got it. I was like, I was working, not just was I working hard. But the way that I viewed how things had to be done was coming from the place that it is hard. I didn’t realize that. I had developed a work ethic that said work hard, but my intellect was strategizing that it had to be hard. And as I began to unpack all of this, I realized that everybody does this, because we’re taught that that’s what a valuable person does. That’s what a good person does. That’s what a responsible person does. The problem with this is that it’s so ingrained in us we can’t see to make it easy. And we have all these Beliefs and Meanings that we’ve attached to things that convinced us that it has to be hard, and they’re almost all false. So go ahead. I

Luis Scott 11:56

think one of the one of the one of the challenges that I had, and maybe to some extent have right through our conversations is this idea of flipping it, right? somebody’s listening now, like, how do you just flip it? Like how do you just believe that it’s now going to change? Because that’s a big, big problem, right? If you have this roadblock in your mind, how do you remove that roadblock that law, from your belief system? Like what do you do?

David Neagle 12:29

Well, when I’m working with somebody, one of the things that I do when they’re having this specific problem is I’ll say, Okay, let’s kind of let’s kind of break your business apart all the way starting from you to the end result, list every single thing that’s actually hard, right, so that they can see where heart is playing a factor in their strategy. And then we break it down, and I help them change the meanings about what it is that they’re doing. And I’ll challenge them with questions like, okay, so making calls is hard or getting somebody to say yes, as hard or collecting the money as hard. Why do you believe that it’s hard, then they will always go? Because that’s the way it’s always been? And they’ll say, but does it need to be that way going forward? What if you’re actually creating that result? Because you believe that’s the way that it’s always been? And you believe it’s the way it’s always been? Because your mentors or your teachers? Or your superiors told you? That’s the way that it’s always been? But what if that’s wrong? What if it can actually be easy, and I’ll go through every one of the of their list with them. Because what most people don’t realize is that, for the first seven years of our life, we do nothing but absorb the meanings of other people into our unconscious mind, we don’t have the ability to logically think about anything, and we have no experience to compare it to. So around seven, our conscious mind starts to develop where we have reason and will, we have the ability to choose logically thinking, imagine and accept or reject ideas. But when we’re looking when we’re observing something in our outside world, it’s our subconscious mind that tells us how to think about what we’re observing, right? So there’s a little kid we all learned what a pen is. But we only know it’s a pen, because somebody told us it was a pen. So when we see it, we don’t have to think what is that we know what it is. Secondarily, the idea is that if you don’t know what something is, you ask and somebody else tells you what it is. So everything all of your experience in life is about other people’s experiences, passing those meanings to you. And it’s not that anybody did anything bad. If you don’t know that something exists, you’re gonna pass on only what it is that you know. And when it comes to success, most people are not programmed to think about success. It’s not that the things that you need are not here they are but if you see them as being hard, difficult or you can’t get them or you don’t know how you will not see the opportunity to make it easy. You won’t even see the opportunity to have the success that you want, you’ll see nothing but roadblocks and difficulty. And your approach will always be to try harder. So that’s the first thing is to really look at where am I making this difficult? And then I know you wanted to talk about the law of polarity a little bit. But does that make sense if the first part of this?

Luis Scott 15:18

Yeah, no, it definitely makes sense. I think that, that one of the one of the struggles that that I have, like, I’ve had it on before, right, I’ve gone, I’ve gone in, I’ve had it turned on, I felt like things were really, really easy. And then something happens. And then it feels not easy anymore. So let’s say a person overcomes that that issue of, of not thinking that it’s easy. They think it’s hard, but they overcome it. And then things become easy, they start making money, and then a problem happens. And it feels like it’s it’s hard again, how do you get out of that zone? The second time? Is it the same thing?

David Neagle 15:53

It’s pretty much the same thing. But so the idea is that when something happens, and our mind reacts to it, and then makes it hard, your subconscious mind is pulling from a past problem. And so it’s approaching it from a past problem, which is usually something that was difficult, but you don’t understand how to approach it to change it to make it easy. As far as like, how do I change my mindset. So this problem actually starts to become easy. And depending on what the problem is, you have to there’s a fundamental law of the universe, there’s seven of them, but one of them is called the law of polarity. And the law of polarity states that everything non physical and physical has an equal and opposite side to it, right, so I’ll go back to my pen. The pen has an opposite side, right and the left and up in the down and inside and outside, it can’t have one without the other. Nothing in your life can have one without the other. So where you have a problem, connected to the problem is the solution. But if you don’t see the solution, it doesn’t mean that it’s not there, it means that you’re so programmed to identify what the problem is, you’re not seeing the way around to get to the solution, when actually they’re connected. They’re literally connected. The problem and the solution exists at the same time in the same place for everything. When you understand how the first of all, you understand that that’s true. And then you hold that truth to a higher, like, this is going to be the light that guides me in my decision making. Okay, so I’ve got a problem. How do I move my way over to the other side, the first thing is I realized the truth must be there. And then instead of going, how do I solve this problem, I asked myself, What is the truth, I focus only on the solution, not on the problem. As far as money goes, because this is a big one with people, they have a bill, they have debt, they have mortgage, they have business payments, they have to meet, they’re not whatever it is. And they’re not bringing the sales in, for whatever reason. And then it becomes like, this is the reality, all these problems, but the money’s not there. And the truth is you can’t have a problem without a solution. So the money must be there. But you’re so focused on the negative thing, that you don’t see the opportunity for the positive thing, to start to move from one side to the other from the negative to the positive, you have to start with it must be here. So that your mind starts looking for it. Because your mind works on the commands that you give it. Whether it’s a reaction to something you’re experiencing, or whether you’re telling it to focus on something, it will focus on whatever it is that you tell it. So if I’m all stressed out, and I’m afraid that I’ve got all these problems, and I’m just focusing on it, and I can’t sleep at night, and I don’t know what I’m going to do, and somebody stole money from me or whatever the problem might be. As long as that grows in your mind, that’ll be your reality. And you’ll be stressed out to the max and you’ll prove it’ll, you’ll sacrifice you’ll suffer. It’ll go on for a long time. But if you see it and go, Okay, number one, this is a lesson. This is a lesson this is something for me to learn from, what do I need, in order to solve this problem, either you know, where you don’t know, but immediately start saying the solution. The solution is here. The money is here. The people are here, whatever it is that you think that you need. It’s here, it’s here right now and you stay focused on that and like that, you’ll start to see where it is. And I’ve been doing this for 25 years. I’ve never had one person in all that time do exactly what I showed them to do that doesn’t find it. And then I as you said, I help a lot of people become millionaires. And when they get there, they turn around and they go, you are right. It was easy. And I was making it difficult that I had no idea I was making it this difficult. I cannot believe that it’s this easy. The more you make, the easier it actually is.

Luis Scott 19:50

Let’s dissect one problem. Let’s say a person is is starting their business or maybe they are you know in the early stages of their business. they’re having difficulty finding clients, right? This is probably a common problem with a lot of a lot of people that you work with. And I deal with this problem with clients myself, I’m working with several firms right now that every single call it feels like they’re having the same conversation. Like, it’s so difficult to find clients, so difficult to find clients. Nobody wants to hire me. And, you know, they keep saying these things over and over. What is the in the, in the law of polarity? What is the opposite of it’s difficult to find clients, or I can’t find clients or nobody wants to hire me? What is the opposite that they have to believe? In order to overcome this specific problem?

David Neagle 20:37

The number one thing is that the clients they want are already there. That’s the first thing, okay? And think about this, just think about this logically for a second, if you didn’t think the clients were there, you go out of business, why would you stay in business, if you didn’t think the clients are very true, it’s very mess, it’s just messing with your head that you’re having difficulty at this time. The second thing is, as you start telling yourself, finding the clients is easy. These clients are coming to me. And they’re, and it’s very easy. If they want to work with me, it’s easy to sign them up. Because the what we choose creates our reality. But most people are so disconnected from the cause and effect of their choices that they experience, the world is like it’s happening to them, and they have no control over it. If a person will start to say, this is easy, the clients are coming to me and stick with that, they will break through that difficult part and things will start to get easy, people will start showing up circumstances will start to change. And it’ll happen fast.

Luis Scott 21:37

So really the rut that people find themselves in and by the way, this is this is hard for people to accept, because I’ve mentioned this to a couple of people before is that you’re probably creating this in your in your life. But the rut of not finding clients is going to continue to permeate your life until you really change the mind the speech and the behavior. I mean, that’s the that’s the irony of this, like continuously calling out what is real, right, the reality is actually just just driving you deeper into that pit of despair.

David Neagle 22:15

That’s right, 100%. And when you start saying it’s easy, you start, you start seeing differently. So you start seeing through the lens of easy, you also start seeing opportunities that you didn’t recognize is opportunities before, that’s how I originally tripled my income. I was so bitter about the world that I had created for myself that I was just being a victim and nasty to everybody. And when I started changing the way that I was looking at it, all of a sudden opportunity showed up that allowed my income to triple I didn’t actually do anything other than start changing what I was telling myself. And it’s the same thing, you start there. And then the circumstances around you begin to change. So people will say, but what do I do? Do I need to make more phone calls? Do I need? No you don’t. You need to keep doing whatever you normally do. But you need to start telling yourself it’s easy. And the circumstances will change around you.

Luis Scott 23:10

Tell me three books that you recommend to help people on this journey.

David Neagle 23:15

Okay, three books. The first one would be the power of Ted, which helps a person understand that their mind is more hijacked by victim thinking than they could ever possibly imagine. And I don’t think I have that one yet. I do have it in front of me here, hang on a second. So it’s by David emerald, the power of Ted the empowerment dynamic. That book, working with the law by Raymond HollyWell. Working with the law by Raymond HollyWell, which basically explains how the laws of the universe work and how you can actually apply them in your life. And then another one that I would really would recommend a person start with, and it’s the first book we start with in our, in our, the elite mind program is As a Man Thinketh by James Allen, because he really explains he puts the onus of responsibility squarely on the individual. And he tries to explain you’re the creator of your life, by the way that you think your thought is directly linked to your character, and your character is directly linked to your outcome. So the whole book is about how do you change that so that you can actually change the outcome. So I would read as a man thinketh first, then go to David emeralds, the power of Ted, and then go to working with the law after that. Awesome,

Luis Scott 24:36

awesome. And if somebody wanted to work with you directly, because I I’ll just say this on the show, I highly endorse working with you and your team, and I believe it’s unlocking incredible things for me. I know this year, we’re looking at tripling our business. How can they get it? How can they reach you?

David Neagle 24:52

They can reach out to support@Davidneagle.com Or they could go to our website and they could sign up for our newsletter, whatever, they could do that. But if you want to get a hold of me directly go to support@Davidneagle.com. Send an email to Corey and tell them that you want to talk to me and we’ll set up a call. Well, I’ll talk to you.

Luis Scott 25:12

And if anybody wants more information about what you teach, they can actually go to your podcasts a successful mind podcast, which is absolutely incredible before we actually work together, I, I binged it, like a Netflix binge. I was listened to every single show, maybe even a couple of times. And I think you provide a lot of value there, as well. And so thank you for coming on. I thought that was amazing. I think it’s a lot of value. I appreciate for with you sharing some things that are just unlocking endless opportunity for people. So thank you for coming on. You’ve

Outro 25:45

been listening to The Guts and Glory Show for more. And to learn more about Luis hit the website at LuisScottjr.com for consulting opportunities, 8figurefirm.com That’s the number 8figurefirm.com We hope you’ve enjoyed the show. Make sure to like rate and review and we’ll see you next time on The Guts and Glory Show