Maximizing a Meeting

Luis Scott

Luis Scott is the Managing Partner at Bader Scott Injury Lawyers, where he represents people who have been injured or disabled in severe accidents. He is also the Owner of 8 Figure Firm, which provides consulting services and insider knowledge to national law firms. As Bader Scott’s managing attorney, he handles over 150 employees and contractors and has led the firm to be recognized by the Atlanta Business Chronicle as one of the fastest-growing businesses in Georgia. 

Luis has received numerous awards and accolades, including Super Lawyers’ “Rising Star,” The National Trial Lawyers Association’s “Top 40 Lawyers Under 40,” and the American Institute of Legal Counsel’s “10 Best Attorneys in 2017” for workers’ compensation.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Three strategies audience members can leverage to enhance meeting value
  • How to facilitate a productive meeting

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Let’s face it: business meetings are tedious. When attending meetings, participants often feel they lack structure and value. But the host isn’t the only person responsible for a productive meeting.

According to business growth expert Luis Scott, audience members should bring an agenda to every meeting. This consists of three actionable items: a relevant question, an innovative idea, and a practical solution. These valuable contributions give the meeting direction and increase productivity and progress.

Join Luis Scott in today’s episode of The Guts and Glory Show as he shares three tips for beneficial meetings. He explains how asking questions and providing fresh ideas and solutions boosts value. 

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Episode Transcript

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Are you ready to make it rain? Learn from the best in the biz on how to take your business to the next level, you’re now entering the growth zone, on The Guts and Glory Show with your host, Luis Scott.

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Guys, welcome to the podcast. My name is Luis, I’m your host of The Guts and Glory Show, I’m really excited for you to be here today. And I’m gonna talk about a short way to make your meetings extremely productive. Because this is one of the things that I hear a lot is that meetings are a waste of time, they don’t get anything out of the meeting, people don’t bring any value to the meeting, the meeting suck, the meeting wasn’t run properly. And what I want to say is that the host is not the only person that is responsible for a good meeting, the audience, the people in attendance are also responsible for a good meeting. And one of the things that I say is that yes, you can have too many meetings for the meetings could be the wrong timing, or the wrong part of the week. But if you have a meeting, and the host brings an agenda, and the audience and the participants bring value, every meeting, it can be a positive meeting, every meeting can be a meeting that moves the business forward in every meeting can be a meeting that things get done. And so it’s really important to understand how do you add value to the meeting. So in this short, very little clip, I want to talk about how, as an audience member, you can add value to the meeting. And it’s a three part piece of information that you have to do the first thing is you have to bring one question to the meeting. If you are a Audience Member attending a meeting, and you know that the meeting is about some sort of operations, or maybe finance or maybe marketing, whatever it is, you should bring a question. The question should always be an inquisition into something that’s going on in the organization. The question may be, did we have the financials done timely? Did we do the marketing plan? Do we execute properly? Is the marketing plan a good plan? You know, ask a question that creates some sort of thought that creates some sort of reflection as to what is being done. Ask a question that is relevant to the meeting. So if you know what the agenda is gonna be, ask a question that’s relevant to the meeting, and make sure that we vet out the situation thoroughly. And so I think the first way that you can be a great audience member is to ask a question. The second thing is that you want to bring an idea. And I always say that idea creators are the highest paid people. Well, salespeople are actually the highest paid people, because if you can sell something, you can make money anywheres, everyone is always looking for a really great salesperson. But idea creators are the ones that move the world. They’re the ones that come up with these things that actually change communities and environments. Now somebody has to be able to execute. And so that’s really important too. So finding the right partnerships and vendors to help you execute, and really putting in the work, but you want to bring an idea to every single meeting. And so if you have if you’re struggling with finding value in the meetings that you’re attending, what ideas are you bringing to the table? You know, earlier this week, I was talking to a, a, an employee of ours, and I said, if you ever told me that, that the meeting was useless, I’m gonna ask, Well, why didn’t you contribute and make it useful? Why didn’t you contribute and add the value? Where did you fail? So I’m gonna turn it around on you and say, Where did you fail, and making sure that the meeting was as successful and as productive as it needed to be. So make sure that you are demanding that your audience members bring some sort of idea to the meeting. And the third thing, the third thing you want to do is you want to bring a solution. And so if you’re constantly in search of problems in the organization, which most people are because we have bent towards negativity, if you’re constantly in search for some sort of problem in the organization, you should bring that solution to the organization. So you want to make sure that you’re bringing a solution to the organization so that the organization is improving every single time that there’s a meeting. And if you do these three things, if you bring one question, one idea and one solution, there’s no way, no absolute way that that meeting cannot be productive. Now, after the meeting, you have to go out and execute, because execution is how things move. And so it’s like a car, the if the car has been built, and it has been filled with gas, but nobody turns it on and starts driving somewhere, it’s not going to go anywhere. So to drive your machine into a better place into a new place, you want to make sure that you’re actually taking action. But to get the most out of your meetings, make sure you bring those three things, make sure your audience members, your attendees, bring those three things in. If you do that correctly, you’re gonna have an organization that is thriving week to week, month to month, quarter to quarter and year to year, and every year you’re gonna see the progress. And so with that, thank you for joining us on The Guts and Glory Show. I hope that this has been a benefit. And if you want more information on how to work with 8figurefirm, be sure to reach out to us 8figurefirm.com

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