Cultivating a Positive Company Culture to Help Grow Your Business with Eric Farber

Eric Farber is the CEO and Chief Legal Officer of Farber & Company Attorneys, P.C. and the Founder of Pacific Workers’ Compensation Law Center, the leading law firm in Northern California representing injured workers. He has been named a SuperLawyer multiple times and has represented high-profile clients such as professional athletes, movie stars, and successful entrepreneurs. 

As a former sports and entertainment lawyer, Eric worked for United Talent Agency and Signature Films before opening Farber & Company Attorneys, P.C. In addition to his current work, he is also the author of the Amazon best-selling book, The Case for Culture.  


Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • Eric Farber discusses his early interest in civil rights and how he first started practicing law
  • The power of company culture
  • How Eric develops a valuable culture at his business: the stakeholder mentality versus the shareholder mentality  
  • How can you build a foundation that will take your business to the next level?
  • Leading a team by incentivizing honest communication
  • Eric’s tips for creating a culture of belonging with your employees
  • How to use your organization’s values to drive productivity
  • Eric shares his advice on how to maintain culture while growing and scaling a business 

In this episode…

How important is your company culture? According to Eric Farber, a workplace environment can have a huge impact on employee productivity, turnover, and engagement. So, how can you generate a valuable culture that empowers employees to be their best? And, how do you continue to grow and scale your business while maintaining this positive work environment? 

As a successful entrepreneur and CEO, Eric has over 20 years of experience cultivating a balanced and productive work environment. But it wasn’t always easy—while growing his business, he had to implement new tactics and systems to ensure that his employees stayed engaged and connected. So, what is his advice to leaders looking to create a stronger company culture in 2021?  

In this episode of The Guts and Glory Show, Luis Scott speaks with Eric Farber, the CEO of Farber & Company Attorneys, P.C. and the Founder of Pacific Workers’ Compensation Law Centerabout the benefits of creating a positive company culture. Eric shares his strategies for building a productive work environment, how to utilize your employees’ unique strengths, and the importance of cultivating a sense of belonging in the workplace. Stay tuned for more! 

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Episode Transcript

Luis Scott  0:00  

I’m Luis Scott, managing partner of Bader Scott Injury Lawyers, one of the fastest growing law firms in the country. And I’m also the co-founder of eight figure firm consulting. I’ve successfully built multiple companies by focusing on leadership, operations and culture. Using these principles, my companies have generated close to $100 million in revenue. But before any of this success, I started my legal career as a receptionist, and I worked my way up to becoming managing partner. And each episode of this podcast I sit down with leaders and entrepreneurs who have had the guts to step out on their own, and the courage to face adversity. They share with us their tips for achievement, the challenges they have faced and the glory of success. I welcome you to The Guts and Glory Show.

Luis Scott here, host of The Guts and Glory Show I feature top leaders who share the obstacles and challenges of leadership, the guts it takes to succeed and the glory of success. Today, you are here another inspiring interview from attorney and author Eric Farber, who has written the book on Office culture, and you’re not gonna want to miss this. But before we get started a message from our sponsor, 8 Figure Firm Consulting, 8 Figure Firm Consulting helps law firms take their business from seven to eight figures. By keeping lawyers away from the work they hate so that they can focus on making the impacts that they love. At a bigger firm, we can show you how to develop a business that works for you instead of you working for it. So turn your law firm into a law business by going to eight figure firm.com. I want to give a special mention to john berry of berry law, America’s veterans law firm for connecting me with our next guest. Eric. Eric is a CEO and chief legal officer of Farber & Company and founder of Pacific Workers’ Compensation Law Center, one of the fastest growing law firms. What really actually one of the fastest growing businesses in the Bay Area. As an attorney, he’s represented high profile clients in the NFL, Olympians, the founder of MySpace entrepreneurs from Shark Tank, movie stars and rappers and my personal favorite the estate of my all time great rapper Tupac Shakur. In addition to this, he has led the charge in office culture and is the author of The Case for Culture: How to Stop Being a Slave to Your Law Firm, Grow Your Practice, and Actually Be Happy. Eric, welcome to The Guts and Glory Show.

Eric Farber  2:12  

Hey, thanks for having me.