Become an Effective Problem Solver

Throughout our lives, we will encounter problems in our personal and professional spheres. No matter how you experience them, it’s crucial to decide how you will act and react to obstacles. Read our blog to learn how to become an effective problem solver.

Why is it important to be a problem solver?

It’s essential to foster problem-solving skills because we encounter problems in our everyday lives. Not every issue has to be a catastrophic make-it-or-break-it situation – sometimes, they can be as simple as what to have for dinner or what to wear to work.

When you work on solving problems in the minor parts of your life, you will be prepared when significant obstacles arise, increasing your resilience. You will be able to focus on the issue at hand with a clear mindset instead of panicking about potential misfortunes.

Solving your problems rationally will help you become a more rounded person and give you the tools you need to succeed in your personal life and grow your business. Become an effective and practical problem solver, and you will be prepared for whatever comes your way.

What does it mean to be an effective problem solver?

Defining this term is very simple: an effective problem solver works to identify every aspect of the issue to achieve the right solution. Expert problem-solvers think through all the possible benefits and drawbacks of action and use that knowledge to fix the problem.

A good problem solver is someone who:

  • Accepts that they won’t be right all the time
  • Gets outside of the box
  • Looks for opportunities within the issue
  • Focus on prevention over intervention
  • Explores their options

While we may know the characteristics, or we may know someone who is a good problem solver, we must foster these traits within ourselves. Let’s work through how to become an effective problem solver.

effective problem solver

How to Foster Effective Problem Solving Abilities

Before we move on, it’s important to note that you don’t have to create obstacles to work on your solving skills. You can, of course, stimulate a potential issue, but don’t engineer a complication to fix. Effective problem solvers solve problems. They don’t create them.

There are a few ways to become an expert at handling complications. Depending on who you ask, you’ll receive lots of different answers about how to grow in this area of your life. Let’s talk about six significant ways you can become an expert problem solver.

Change Your Attitude

Not everything is life-or-death, especially in the workplace. Instead of seeing every problem as a failure on your part, look for the opportunities you have to grow. When you change your attitude towards problems, you’ll free yourself from the pressure of perfection.

Get to the Root of the Problem

Instead of focusing on what went wrong and who’s fault it is, focus on the root cause of the problem by asking yourself 5 Why’s. When you continue asking yourself why something happened instead of pinpointing who is responsible, you’ll become more solution-oriented.

Brainstorm with Others

You are intelligent and capable of solving your problems – but it doesn’t hurt to ask for help! We aren’t meant to try and solve problems on our own, so brainstorming solutions with other people is a great way to come up with creative solutions.

List Lots of Solutions

Create a list of every solution you can think of, no matter how ridiculous it may seem. Free yourself from the expectations of seriousness and allow yourself to be creative – that’s when you might find the best solution!

Pick and Implement

Once you have a list of solutions, pick the one that makes the most sense for the problem at hand. Evaluate its potential effectiveness, and then begin to implement it persistently. If it doesn’t appear to work, try again. Fail upward!

Take a Break

If all else fails, take a break. Your brain needs a chance to reset! Go for a walk, call a loved one, or sleep on it. Giving yourself the space to walk away from the issue will allow you to return to the problem with a fresh mindset.

Someone who Gets It

When trying to problem solve, you may find it beneficial to talk with someone who has been there and can understand what you’re going through. Seeking that camaraderie will not only allow you the chance to brainstorm together but to find support when you need it.

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