Four Ways To Improve Your Sales

Luis Scott

Luis Scott is the Managing Partner at Bader Scott Injury Lawyers, where he represents people who have been injured or disabled in severe accidents. He is also the Owner of 8 Figure Firm, which provides consulting services and insider knowledge to national law firms. As Bader Scott’s managing attorney, he handles over 150 employees and contractors and has led the firm to be recognized by the Atlanta Business Chronicle as one of the fastest-growing businesses in Georgia. 

Luis has received numerous awards and accolades, including Super Lawyers’ “Rising Star,” The National Trial Lawyers Association’s “Top 40 Lawyers Under 40,” and the American Institute of Legal Counsel’s “10 Best Attorneys in 2017” for workers’ compensation.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Luis Scott shares a personal sales and marketing anecdote 
  • Four primary components of the initial sales cycle

In this episode…

There is a common misconception regarding sales. Many entrepreneurs believe that the process begins and ends with a pitch. But to generate leads and drive conversions, you must deconstruct the sales funnel.

Business growth expert Luis Scott says entrepreneurs should focus on four fundamental components of the initial sales cycle. Incentivizing begins before the offer in which prospects are preconditioned to purchase from you. The second aspect involves delivering immediate services to boost trust and reliability. Your service offerings must also be compelling enough to communicate the value proposition. Overall, confidently delivering your message solidifies the process, allowing you to maximize revenue.

Luis Scott shares four methods for improving your sales funnel in this episode of The Guts and Glory Show. He conveys this through multiple anecdotes demonstrating how to execute the process effectively.

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Episode Transcript

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Welcome to The Guts and Glory Show. You want to take your business to the next level next level. So you need to hear from someone who’s done it off, get ready to soak up all the useful information, The Guts and Glory. Now your host, Luis Scott.

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All right. All right. All right. Welcome to The Guts and Glory Show. I am so glad you are joining us. My name is Luis, I’m the host. And today I’m gonna be talking about the four parts of your sales process or you know, four preliminary parts or what I would consider foundational parts of your sales process. Many people have this wrong. Many people believe that sales is simply the moment that you get in front of someone and you start talking to them and you start communicating about your service and how you can actually help them but the sales starts before then. And it ends way after then. And I think today, I want to cover this and clear the air. And these are four parts that I think that if you get right, you can really dramatically improve improve your sales process. And you can improve your sales conversion, because a lot of it has to do with planning has to do with planning and getting things right on the front end. I want to tell you a story about a restaurant I just recently went to the restaurants here in Atlanta is one of my favorite restaurants. And we went to this restaurant, and I walked in the host greeted us and said welcome in Do you have a reservation? We of course said yes. Scott for two. And they said Have a seat. We had a seat. Someone came up to us and said, Are you celebrating anything? We responded? No, we’re not celebrating anything. We’re just here for date night. Awesome, good stuff. She walked away. Another person walked up about 30 seconds later and said, Hey, would you like for me to take a picture for you? for date night now they said the words date night. And I looked at and said it kind of gave me that this this stare like you know, it was like Rachel would I was weird. Like I mentioned date night, we stood up. And obviously we took a picture. I like to post things on social media. If you follow me, you know a little bit about that. And we took the pictures, we sat back down. And the next thing you know, somebody else came up to us and said, Mr. Mrs. Scott, we’d love to show you to your table. And we stood up we started walking. And they mentioned us they said thank you for joining us for date night. And we were like, That’s the third person that says date night. It’s like it’s interesting. We sat down at the table, and a guy came out to give us water and he says thank you for joining us for date night is there anything you would like to drink other than tap water still water. And now we knew something was going on. Finally, the server comes up and says I’d like to recommend some wines for date night. This is a perfect one for date night. And I made some recommendations for wine. And what we realized is that there was a communication strategy, there was a service strategy associated with the service that we were receiving. And here’s here’s what I know, is that experience sold me more on this restaurant than anything else. They could have done any marketing, they could have done any any other action that they could have taken. And so when we think about sales, sales is more than just the moment that you talk to the person about the conversion. It’s the entire process, the including the production process, I think that goes into SEO. But I want to talk about the four primary components at the beginning of the funnel that you really need to focus on. And on another topic or on another podcast. I will I’ll talk about maybe the back end components that you can focus on. But the first one is the enticement, the inducement the thing that gets you to come to a business, organization service or or hire anybody. It’s how are you being enticed? How are you being induced? Or alternatively, if you’re the business owner, how are you inducing people? How are you enticing people to come into your business? This has to do with marketing. Marketing is a critical component of the sales process. You may have heard of this concept called preconditioning. preconditioning is where you condition people to desire the product or service before they come in. You know, recently when I bought a I think it was a Louis Vuitton purse, one of those little packs are the front front carrying purses for Rachel I was already induced by the brand that I didn’t go in there for somebody to sell me on a new purse, I went in there with the intention to buy a new purse and that happened because of the messaging the marketing and the brand development that Louie Vuitton has done and I don’t endorse Louis Vuitton but they have done one thing very well and that is they have created a an environment where people desire in fact, I think there’s a mission statement or mission statement is to be the most desired luxury brand in the world. And so they’ve done a good job at doing that. So enticement or inducement into your business, your law firm, your your your service, business, whatever it is to coming in as part of the preconditioning process where they begin to believe that they not only want your service but that they I need your service. And that is a critical part of the sales process. The second thing is the speed. I always say that speed of delivery of service of anything, whether it’s answering the call responsiveness is critical to the trust ability and the likeability of your service. I remember going to a restaurant with my little Lincoln, my Lincoln, if you don’t know, my, my youngest son, he is absolutely going to say whatever’s on his mind, we had ordered truffle fries, at a high end restaurant, we take him to a fancy restaurant at least once a year, and try to teach them some manners so that they can be well behaved young boys. And we took them to a fancy restaurant, he ordered truffle fries. And it was, it was kind of funny, because like when he ordered the treble fries, we had been waiting maybe two minutes, and two minutes in, he turns to a waiter that’s walking by It wasn’t even, it wasn’t even our waiter. And he says, Hey, do you know where my fries are at. And what I realized is that, despite him only going to a fancy restaurant, every once in a while, despite him not knowing anything about the restaurant business, despite him not knowing anything about how long it takes to cook anything. He had an expectation of the time it should take for delivery. I think many times we underestimate the internal clocks of our clients, and what what is the speed at which they expect to be delivered upon. You know, for me, if I call a pizza place, it’s called Papa John’s, and they don’t, they don’t answer and ready to serve me immediately. I’m gonna call pizza and I’m gonna call Marco’s Pizza, I’m gonna call somewhere else, I’m not waiting on the line for five minutes. That’s my internal clock for the speed of delivery. And now, I may be unreasonable. And maybe your client may be unreasonable. But the fact still stands that there is an internal clock that you have to be aware of. The third thing is the offer. How good is your offer, once you’ve induced him and entice them into the sales funnel, and you have now responded or been responsive to them with it an adequate speed of delivery. And by the way, speed going back, you can’t wait five minutes, 10 minutes, two hours, three hours, you got to be ready to answer their call. But once you’ve done that, now you have to have an incredible offer. What is the value? Do they see the value in your product? I call that the full value proposition? What are all the things that make your product or your service worth buying? worth paying for? That is the key. The offer is the value proposition, not the unique selling proposition, although that may be a part of it. The offer is everything that makes you valuable, that’s very, very key to getting someone to buy your product. And then the last thing is confidence is delivering the sales pitch with confidence. Do you have the confidence in the product? Do you have the confidence in the price? Do you have the confidence and the value? Do you have you have confidence in the delivery of the service? And do you have confidence in yourself? Those are the four confidences that you have to have. And I can go into every single one of these in more detail. And I will in some some other podcasts. But for now, what I want you to take away more than anything is that the four primary parts at the beginning of of a sales cycle is the inducement the messaging that you’re creating for the person, how you’re enticing them and bringing them in the speed at which you are responding to their need and desires the offer that is communicating the value in Lastly, and lastly is the confidence in what you’re delivering it. And I believe that if you do these four things, and if you focus on these four things, the messaging and the speed, and the deliverable the value proposition, and you do it with confidence, if you work on those four things, you will see a dramatic increase in your sales conversion, you’ll see a dramatic increase in the amount of leads that you have and the amount of leads that are converted, and then ultimately in the amount of revenue that you’re generating. And so with that, go out with the confidence knowing that your message, your speed, and your offer are all in order. And if you do that correctly, you’ll have a business that is doubling every single year, and growing at rates that surpass your competition. Thank you again for joining The Guts and Glory Show.

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