Every Day Can Be a New Year

Luis Scott

Luis Scott is the Managing Partner at Bader Scott Injury Lawyers, where he represents people who have been injured or disabled in severe accidents. He is also the Owner of 8 Figure Firm, which provides consulting services and insider knowledge to national law firms. As Bader Scott’s managing attorney, he handles over 150 employees and contractors and has led the firm to be recognized by the Atlanta Business Chronicle as one of the fastest-growing businesses in Georgia. 

Luis has received numerous awards and accolades, including Super Lawyers’ “Rising Star,” The National Trial Lawyers Association’s “Top 40 Lawyers Under 40,” and the American Institute of Legal Counsel’s “10 Best Attorneys in 2017” for workers’ compensation.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • The top four New Year’s resolutions
  • Luis Scott shares his personal journey to success and self-actualization
  • Why do people quit? 
  • How to achieve your New Year’s resolutions for personal and professional growth

In this episode…

Are you already struggling to attain your goals for the New Year? Studies show that more than 50% of Americans abandon their New Year’s resolutions by February. So how can you achieve the objectives you’ve set to transform your personal and professional life?

According to Luis Scott, people quit for these reasons: loss of motivation, lack of time, and shifting priorities. He says that if you want to change your mindset and create efficiency to follow through on your resolutions, you have to execute three practical steps. First, read motivational books throughout the year to gain new knowledge and a fresh perspective. Next, surround yourself with people who have similar values and goals and can support you in your journey. The final step is to make the courageous decision to take action.

In today’s episode of The Guts and Glory Show, Luis Scott is back to share how you can transform yourself and achieve your resolutions. He talks about the top four New Year’s resolutions, his personal journey to success and self-actualization, and why people quit.

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Episode Transcript

Luis Scott 0:00

At the end of every story, there is glory. If you don’t give up everyone wants to work with and for someone they enjoy being around. When I think about leading a life of significance, I don’t think about money, I think about all the people that can be changed by the impact that I’ve made in their lives. Alright, so today we’re going to be talking about New Year’s resolution, how you make them, how you keep them, why people fail at them, why people don’t execute on them. And it really boils down to, I believe three things. And so if you listen through the entire time, you’re going to be hearing about how you can make decisions today that can completely change your life, they can completely change what you believe about yourself, and they can completely change what you do. And they can completely change and alter the rest of your world. And here’s the thing, if you’re listening to this podcast, and it’s sometime in in March, or April or June, and it’s not New Year’s, I want you to know that every day can be the first day of the new year, because every day you can make the decision to change. And that’s the beauty of life. As long as we have life as long as we have opportunity. As long as we have ability we can change, we can make that decision to change. And it’s it’s going to take a lot of work, it’s not something that’s going to be done easily, it’s not something that you can do without putting the time and effort and energy into it. And so it’s really important that you understand what are some of the things that you need in order to make a new year truly a new year for you. And if if you’re like me, you’re probably one of those people that has struggled with, you know, weight or weight loss. In fact, the top four new year’s resolutions, every single year, three of them deal with health one is exercising more, the other one’s eating well, and the third one is losing weight. And the fourth one is saving more money. And that’s what most people focus on. And what I want to tell you is the reason that people focus on that, because people really believe that if they improve their health, if they improve their appearance, they’re going to be more confident they’re going to be able to to achieve more in life. And the statistics show that that’s absolutely the case. And here’s the thing, more than half of our adult population actually makes New Year’s resolutions that revolve around really the top four, but some of the things and many of them don’t reach those goals. They don’t they don’t achieve it. They don’t they don’t become what they want to become. And so I want to discuss and I want to explore why that is why is it that we don’t reach the goals that we want to reach? Why is it that we don’t reach the desired goal goals that we have for our life? Why is it that we don’t reach the things that we want with things we say that we want, we have such a hard time really executing on. And I’m going to boil it down to really three things. And so welcome to the show, this whole year, we’re gonna be podcasting and talking about how to get your business but really yourself to the next level, how you can create guts within yourself how you can really experience the glory of success. Because the bottom line is, at the end of every story, there is glory, if you don’t give up and that’s the biggest thing, you got to make sure that you don’t give up. You have to make sure that you don’t quit, you have to make sure that you are committed through this entire process. And that’s the key to really the the evolution of your business, the evolution of self and the evolution of your of your of your life. You know, I want to tell you a story about me. For many years, you know, I do this podcast and I do the show. And but for many years, I found myself to be very unsuccessful. I told myself I was unsuccessful. I felt like I was in the economic treadmill of life. And I’m sure there’s somebody listening right now who can relate to that. And I truly felt like I was on the economic treadmill of life, that I just couldn’t get ahead that I was, no matter how much I ran, no matter how much I did, no matter how much I work, no matter how much I committed to I just couldn’t get ahead. I kept feeling like everything I did failed. I had many failed businesses. I’ve started I’m a serial entrepreneur. I’ve started probably 10 businesses, and I just continued to fail, which whether it was a nutritional supplement business on the website that I had launched an auction site. I just launched many different different products that just were not successful. And what I realized was that there was something inside of me that was causing this very hard for people to accept this hard for people to believe. But if you’re right now at a point where you feel unsuccessful or you’re not as successful as you’d like to be or you want to hit another level, the reality of the situation is that it may be you there may be something in you that has to be fixed in order for you to reach the levels of success that you want. And for me it was it was that it was I I changed my mindset, I had to change the things that I was believing about myself and believing about my abilities. And that really, that really made a difference for me and, and I’m going to talk to you about how you can do that, and how you can actually use these tools, these skills to make today a new year, because I want this to be a new year for you, I want this to be a new year, so that you can experience the fullness of what I believe you’ve been created to experience. And for many of you who have not listened to my show in the past, I do talk about my faith. It’s something that is a very big part of me. But many years ago, when I was on this journey of success, and as a faith based person, I started to pray and you know, you don’t have to believe what I believe. But I started to pray. And I started to pray for one thing, and that was for wisdom. I wanted wisdom, I wanted the wisdom of God, I wanted wisdom to instruct me on what it is that that I should do, what is it that I could do, and to reveal that talent to me, what I realized in that process is the talent that I had was the talent to help businesses grow. And when I started tapping into that talent, when I started tapping into that supernatural talent and power, it gave me the ability to really maximize my value. And my ability in that is what completely changed my life from an economic standpoint. And so being able to change my mindset and believing in something new, which was I am good at business, I am not a failure, I am a success was a pivotal point in my life, that really changed everything. But, you know, before I got there, I had to analyze who I was. And I had to analyze why I was believing these things about me. And it was because I wasn’t seeing that success. I was feeling overwhelmed and incredibly disappointed, because I was not experiencing what I thought that I should have experienced. And what I realized today is that that test that I was going through really is what provided the testimony. And if you look at the definition of testimony testimony is the evidence of that you’ve gone through something, it’s the evidence of that something has happened and that there’s something new has now come out of it. And so the testimony today of me having eight figures in net worth of of me having a multi eight figure business of me having a multi seven figure consulting business, and helping hundreds of 1000s of people around the world is a testimony of the tests that I went through, which was the failures, the hardships, and all of the disappointments that I experienced that I wish I wouldn’t have experienced in the moment. But I am so thankful that I experienced now looking back and so I want to really talk to you if you’re struggling right now. And you’re wondering how am I going to make 2023, the new year, how am I going to make it the year that completely transforms my life, that country completely transformed my business that can completely transform my family and the legacy of my family, I’m going to tell you the three things that you must do to make that happen. If you’re struggling with weight, what you can do to get your weight under control, if you’re struggling with finances, what you can do to get off the economic treadmill of life, if you’re struggling with the relationship, what you can do to improve the relationship. And I think it really comes down to these three things. But before we go into that, I want to talk about why people give up because this is an important part. And if you hear one of these reasons, and it’s you, then be sure that you ask yourself, How do I prevent myself myself from getting that trigger into my into my life? Because I think that’s going to be really critical. As you continue to build yourself and your business. Well, the first thing is losing motivation. And here’s the interesting thing about losing motivation. Motivation is and it’s an internal thing. Motivation is not something external, you know, you you see some of these great leaders, especially in sports that go in and they rally I remember I had won an award for the most hustle because I was I was like the rally guy, I would get in there. And I would scream and I would get people up. And and I thought that that was like motivating to people and to some extent, it is motivating to people because it does generate some sort of energy and it creates like a symbiotic feel field of energy for everyone to experience. But that is not long term motivation. Long term motivation comes from working within your passion, it comes from doing something that is really fulfilling to you. And a lot of times when you set a new year’s resolution, to lose weight, to exercise more to start a business to improve your finances. There’s no passion behind that there’s no true motivation that is intrinsic within yourself. There’s you haven’t couched it in a positive way. It’s it’s not what are the gym three times a week in and suffer, which is what most people assume that going to the gym and setting that health goal is the way that you do that in a positive way you say, you know, I want to be blessed with the opportunity to go to the gym three times a week. I want to be blessed with the opportunity to find my passion to find the business that’s going to help me succeed. That’s the way that you have to look at the motivation it’s how do I create a positive spin on the thing that I may have struggled with in the past so losing motivation is a big problem. The second one is being too busy. This is really a issue for a lot of people who don’t know how to create efficiency in their life. And it’s really important that when you’re going to set a new goal, a New Year’s resolution, whether, again, it’s January, or June, if you’re setting a new year’s resolution, you have to make sure that you have an efficient life, you can’t set a resolution to work out five days a week, and then create new efficiencies around your life in order to be able to go to the gym five days a week, because it’s not just the time that you’re at the gym, it’s the time driving to the gym, the stretching the doing the work, and then the driving back, and then having to shower and get ready for the rest of the things in your day. It’s really critical that you create more efficiency in your life, whether it’s making more money, starting a second job, starting a business, whatever it is that you may be trying to do, as your New Year’s resolution is figuring out how do I become more efficient, so that I don’t create the sense of being too busy, because that is a huge impediment to achieving the goals that you have for your particular for your particular life. The third one is that there is a shift in priorities. And here’s the interesting thing about shifting priorities. Considering that 50% of people give up on the New Year’s resolutions by February, it’s very unlikely that a shift in priorities is the root cause of 50% of those people losing it within a four week period of time. But what I will tell you is that a lot of people shift their priorities when they feel like their goals are no longer achievable. And so we really have to analyze the my shifting priorities, do I no longer have the priority of going to the gym three times a week? Or is it that I realized that I’m not going to develop the right mindset to go three times a week. So therefore, I’m going to shift my priority and say that’s not a priority. And if we live our life, that way, we’re likely to not achieve the things that we want. And the fourth thing is other reasons. And I put other excuses, because the reality of this situation is that when you don’t want to do something, any excuse will do. And so we have to be very careful that we’re not using excuses as justifications and motivations for not doing a resolution that we believed in. If you believe it’s good to save money at the beginning of the year, it’s going to be good to save money at the end of the year as well regardless of what your situation or what you’ve gone through. And I understand some people may not be able to, to maybe save, they may lose their job and not be able to save at the high level that they want to. But you can save and you can still make that a priority, you don’t have to give up on that resolution. But a lot of times people are looking for an excuse. And if you look for an excuse, you’re going to find one. If you look for a reason not to do something, you’re absolutely going to find it. And so Forbes magazine says that 46% of people do successfully achieve their resolutions. And I believe that there’s three things in common with the person who achieves a resolution and actually gets to the place where their life is better and their life has improved. And so here are the three things that you must do in order to achieve your resolutions. The first one is you have to read for change. And I’m a big proponent of reading, I’ve had two periods in my life where I’ve read 52 books in 52 weeks, it’s a monumental task, it’s a task that creates requires a significant amount of discipline for you to read, the amount of reading that has to happen in order for you to really change your your mindset. But reading for change is the active reading. You know, we talk about active listening, active reading is when you are reading to actually learn something that’s going to affect your life. Now I’ve been challenged in the past, people have told me, you know, 52 books and 52 weeks, it makes no sense. It doesn’t. Nobody needs to do that you’re not going to learn anything. And what I tell people is that reading 52 books in 52 weeks is not about reading 52 books in 52 weeks, it’s about creating the discipline of a person who must read 52 books in 52 weeks, it’s no different than going to the gym. When you’re when you’re trying to focus on your mind. You have to ask yourself, what do I have to do to create the positive mind that I need to do the things that I have to do and I and for me, again, this may not be for everyone, some of you may not be good readers, and some may want to listen to audio teachings and you know, hopefully listen to the show. But reading 52 books in 52 weeks, what it did for me more than anything, is that it created this sense of discipline. That’s when I started waking up at five o’clock in the morning. And to this day, I still wake up at five o’clock in the morning, even on vacation and on weekends. Because it created the discipline that I could never imagine he created this this endless supply of information that many people asked me where do I come up with these things? And I tell him I honestly don’t know. It’s just that I read so much. I retain it. And now I have this anecdote or I have this quote or I have this saying or I have this ism that I can immediately, quote, not necessarily knowing where it came from, but it’s probably an aggregation of a lot of the things that I’ve learned through this reading. What I did was I went in 2007 2008. I read 52 books in two weeks and I doubled my income in that time period between all the things that I was doing investments, income and in my work, and I did it again and you In the at the end of the 2000 teens in 2017, I read 52 books in 52 weeks. And five years later, my life has completely changed to going from a place where I was almost bankrupt to now being a multimillionaire again. And I think that it’s because it creates a sense of discipline, and it starts changing your mind. And so when you read for change, change is inevitable, inevitable in your life, but you have to be willing to read for change. The second thing is you have to elevate your circle, you have to elevate your circle, I remember living in the West Georgia area, and there’s nothing wrong with the West Georgia area. I loved it. 15 years there. But I don’t remember having any friends who wore 500 $600 shoes. I don’t remember having friends who had cars that were worth 200 $300,000. And again, it’s this is not about materialistic things. But if you want to elevate your life in business, and you want to elevate your life and your personal income, you have to have friends that stretch you, I remember thinking that a $60,000 SUV, a $6,000 car was like this massive expenditure, oh my goodness, I could not believe this $60,000 expense. And then I moved to Atlanta, where there’s more opulent and wealthy population. And I find out that there are people buying $300,000 cars, and it completely blew my mind. And that, that elevating my circle of friends being with people who were living at a different level. You know, I remember thinking that that paying a couple $100 For for an excursion was insane. But when I went to Mexico went to Cancun, my wife and I, we rented a 60 foot yacht just for me and her and it was $2,500. For the day, it was experiencing new things, because I was elevating myself in my circle. And I think if you want to change where you are today, you have to first read a lot, you have to change your mind. You have to discipline your mind, you have to discipline yourself. And the second thing is you got to get around people who are making money you got to get around people who are in the gym. If you want to lose weight, get around people who are healthy and who are in shape. If you want to lose weight, partner up with someone who goes to the gym every single day, if you want to make more money, be with people who make money who are going to support you are going to elevate your who and encourage you. And this is something that I found people who make money do not put down people who are trying to make money. It is people who do not make money that try to put down people who are trying to make money. And so if you want to earn more income, if you want your business to grow, if you want your business to scale, if you want your business to be to explode, you have to be willing to elevate the circle around which you you engage in, in the people you hang around with. And the third thing is you have to take action. It’s not enough to read, it’s not enough to elevate, you have to take action, you have to do the thing that scares you. I remember being in a conference, I heard this speaker and author sai Wakeman. And she has a book called no ego. And in there in the presentation that she did, she talked about that you are about eight to 10 courageous decisions away from completely changing your life. What are the eight to 10 decisions that you must make, that you have to make that there’s no way if you don’t make these decisions, if you don’t make decisions, you are not going to achieve your dreams. But in the alternative if you make these decisions, your dreams are going to become a reality. What are those eight to 10 courageous decisions, and you have to take action. And if you do these three things, when you’re thinking about the new year and new me and the New Year’s resolution, how to become better and how to uplift yourself when you think about those things. If you read for change, if you elevate your circles, if you take massive courageous action, you will stick to your goals, you will achieve your goals and you will become everything that you want to be in this new year. And it doesn’t matter how many times you’ve given up it doesn’t matter how many times you failed. It doesn’t matter how many times you didn’t execute. It doesn’t matter how many times you didn’t get to your goal before today could be the first day of the year. today could be the first day of the year that completely changes your life and the legacy of the life of your family. And so I want you to take that into the new year and I want you to really think about how you can completely alter the life of yourself and your family forever.