ONE.Coach Premier

Consult With Experts

Growing your firm can be complex, especially if you try to do it alone. It’s crucial to learn from the experts around you, and it can be helpful to have a mentor who can coach you through the process. 

Learn From Experience

Here at 8 Figure Firm, we recognize the benefits of learning from experts. That’s why we’re proud to offer ONE.Coach Premier, a program to give you one-on-one coaching and the opportunity to learn from the best of the best. You will have access to our experts and a monthly deep dive into the foundations of turning your law firm into a law business.

Renaissance Learning

We encourage you to become a renaissance learner who aspires to gain all the knowledge you need to become successful. That’s why ONE.Coach Premier is the perfect vessel to invigorate your firm! With various learning opportunities, you will receive knowledge, community, and more from this program.

Bundles of Benefits

ONE.Coach Premier has incredible benefits! When you join the program, you will be invited to one-on-one mentoring and a two-hour deep dive into the foundations of running your firm. You will also have access to Management.ONE and Leadership.ONE, two programs to foster you and your firm’s leadership skills! This program also includes one Mastermind ticket for all events year round, the client journey and the ten client journey videos, plus unlimited access to Luis Scott as well as the our resource portal!

ONE.Coach Premier is an excellent opportunity to learn and implement strategies that will help you grow your firm. If you’re ready to experience exponential growth, join ONE.Coach Premier today!