8 Figure Firm


Seth Bader

Luis Scott

Valeria Torres

Stephanie Castro

Our Team

At the core of the success of the 8 Figure Firm are its team members.  8 Figure Firm is dedicated to employing only the highest quality individuals to work in its organization.

These individuals come from the fields of  social media, marketing, graphic design, editing,  copywriting, and consulting.

8 Figure Firm will have as its executive suite Attorneys Seth Bader and Luis Scott. The founders of 8 Figure Firm are dedicated to helping law firms from both scale and business perspectives in the same way that they were able to scale their law firm to a $65 million business in just five years.

None of this achievement is possible without the rest of the team who is completely aligned and working toward one goal and that is to help law firms turn into law businesses and make the impact that they desire to make in their communities.

Our Culture

8 Figure Firm has a culture of highly talented and skilled individuals who are passionate about creating the consulting and marketing opportunities for law firms to turn into law businesses.

In addition to having that sort of culture where people love to work we have professionals who are skilled in operations, attorney management, compliance, human resources. recruiting, talent acquisition,  finance, and training and development.

When you work with 8 Figure Firm you will have the opportunity to be your best self both personally and professionally. Opportunities will be endless in growing yourself as an individual as well as growing yourself in your profession. Whatever you want to accomplish you will be able to accomplish at 8 Figure Firm.

Giving Back

8 Figure Firm sets aside part of its profits to give to charitable organizations. One of its primary charitable organizations is the Bader Scott Foundation. This year we will have donated Close to $250,000 to charity.