Invest in Your Number Two

“The higher you want to climb, the more you need to invest in your leaders.”- John Maxwell. To help you invest in your leaders, we’ve developed Management.ONE, a program meant to empower your second in command. After taking this course, your number two will be prepared to take on even the most complex issues in your law firm.

Create a Unified Vision

At 8 Figure Firm, we know that a business can only be as good as its employees. Whatever their job title, your second in command (or operations director, or right-hand) is the person who is helping you scale your law firm to bigger and better heights. Our goal is to inspire influential leaders to help you grow your firm into an eight-figure business.

Maximize Your Leaders

We designed our Management.ONE course to train your number two on everything involved in running a law firm. The program lasts for one year and combines one-on-one monthly consultations and once-a-month lessons. We will train your second in command on the four building blocks of running a business: marketing, legal, operations, and finance. Your second in command will have access to our consultants for any questions they may have between meetings.

Gear Up for Change

Since this program is for an entire year, sign-ups can happen at any time. Once you make the leap, your second in command will have a two-hour boot camp to prepare them for all that they will learn. It’s time to invest in your right-hand person. Register now to scale your business by investing in your most important asset

Management.ONE’s approach is to coach and transform your second in command. We work with organizations to identify their key talent, develop them into highly-skill and innovative leaders, and take them to the top spot. Our program covers everything the need to know, from generating leads to building a budget.

We cover all the steps required to launch and grow your business. With our business consulting services, you’ll have access to a team of professionals who are well-versed in lead generation, budgeting and business planning, marketing strategy, and operations of the firm.

In Management.ONE, we train your second-in-command to support your firm.